Anxiety Disturbs Life, Reconstruct It with Librium Medication

Anxiety is a mental health issue and like every other mental health condition, this to is surrounded by a lot of controversy and taboo around it. There are many amongst us who are suffering from anxiety, it doesn’t discriminate, many actors, sports stars, models and people from the glam world have been affected by it and have even come up to break the taboo around it. The stigmatization of anxiety goes both ways, by what it means not just others but the person suffering from anxiety stigmatizes his or herself too. This deteriorates the condition further and creates a problem in opening up. There is also a lot of misinformation about the drugs used for this condition and people suffering from anxiety usually suffer for long before getting diagnosed. One such incident happened with Smith who was suffering from generalized anxiety. Smith had a preconceived notion that if he shares his condition with anyone he might be labeled as mad. Smith was so concerned with it that he didn’t consider meeting a doctor even though he felt there was something wrong with him. He always sat isolated at his workplace and felt terrified even to talk with people, he felt they would figure out, unfortunately, they did not, people only found him arrogant which made it worst. After much ado, he was taken to a doctor by a friend of his. He was diagnosed with anxiety which is not madness; it is, in fact, a commonly occurring situation which helps us prepare for the unfavorable condition. All that happened with Smith was that his anxiety stayed and grew in intensity. There a few thoughts that makes way for a heightened response which is the reason for all the trouble. In this case, there is a need for medication that can calm a person down and diminish the effects of panic attacks.

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Librium is a widely popular medication used for the potent management of Anxiety of multiple intensities (mild, moderate and severe) and panic attacks. This drug is the first preference of people suffering from anxiety as well as leading physicians due to its unfailing response to anxiety. Librium 10 mg has a wide spectrum as it can manage the panic attacks and different types of anxiety such as social anxiety, anxiety due to alcohol withdrawal, generalized anxiety disorder, Agoraphobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, pre-surgical anxiety and other phobias. Librium contains Chlordiazepoxide as its active therapeutic ingredient.

Chlordiazepoxide exerts its therapeutic response by acting on the central nervous system. It is a Benzodiazepine category medication which couples with the GABA receptors thereby forming a complex which greater affinity towards the inhibitory neurotransmitter has called GABA. The increased free concentration of GABA available causes the chloride influx leading to hyperpolarization of the cell membrane, this cut down the overexcited response of the brain giving you a calming effect.

Librium is available in dosing strengths of 5, 10 and 25 mg as a capsule preparation which is meant to be taken orally with water. In the management of mild anxiety, the most suggested dose is 5 or 10 mg ingested orally, three or four times each day. In the management of severe anxiety, the most used dose is 20 or 25 mg which is ingested orally for three to four times a day. In the management of anxiety due to alcohol withdrawal, a dose of 50 to 100 mg is used for as long as the agitation persists. The dose listed here is generalized, it should not be taken as an alternative to doctor’s prescription.

Some side effects of this medication are annoyance, changeability, unsteadiness, bewilderment, and anxiety.

Safety measures to be excised!

  • Those who are allergic to Chlordiazepoxide or other Benzodiazepines should not use this medication.
  • Librium, when used for longer than prescribed by the doctor or in higher dose, can lead to habit formation.
  • This drug may make you feel dizzy and lightheaded, refrain from doing any adventurous activity or driving till you know you how you respond to Librium.

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