Beat insomnia and go off to a profound kip by using Ambien

They say ‘the only people up at 3 am are the ones who either are in love, are drunk, lonely OR all of these.’ Another name given to the inability to sleep is also called Insomnia. People who are insomniac have their own shares of stories about what is keeping them up all night. Sally was one such insomniac who attributed her insomnia to love and heartbreak. She was in a long-term relationship with someone she knew from a very long time. She knew they were meant for each other but fate turned on her and the guy she loved with all her heart married someone else.  This was heartbreaking and the worst part was she could not express it to anyone. The only way of sharing her pain and sorrow was with her diary, one which she scribbled her pain on, night after night, compromising on her sleep.

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The result of this came forth in the form of insomnia. Now even if she wanted to sleep on time she was unable to. The pain of her broken heart was somewhat mending but the lack of sleep was surely taking a toll on her health. Her work efficiency was declining, her health was poor, her face lost its sheen and she would go crazy if this continues. That is when she decided it was time to visit a doctor. The doctor prescribed sally to use Ambien for her condition. She used Ambien and today she has gotten over heartbreak and most importantly her INSOMNIA!

Ambien is an exemplary medication used to beat insomnia in adults. This medication is employed for the treatment of inability to fall asleep and for those who feel difficulty in staying asleep. This medication belongs to the class of sedative-hypnotic that induces sleep and peacefulness in people who are trying to get a good night sleep. Zolpidem is the main active component present in this medication. Zolpidem binds to the benzodiazepine (BZ1) receptor preferentially with a high-affinity ratio of the alpha1/alpha5 subunits present in the higher centers of the brain responsible for inducing sleep and sedation. Therefore Zolpidem cures insomnia and the troubles of getting a proper sleep.

Ambien is advocated in the dosing strength of 5mg and 10mg in the form of tablets. To beat insomnia you must take a single tablet of Ambien orally right before going to the bed, with a plenty of water. This medication can be consumed with or without food. However, taking a dose higher than recommended is not advisable. In case if you take a higher dose by mistake, then seek medical attention immediately.

Adverse effects that are commonly seen with the use of Ambien are

  • Sedation
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Memory loss right after waking up
  • Stomach upset and
  • indigestion

Safety measures that must be followed with the use of Ambien are

  • It is inadvisable to perform tasks such as driving or any mentally alerting work while using this medication.
  • You must refrain from the use of this medication if you would not be getting enough sleep of 6-7 hours.
  • Consumption of alcohol and sedatives is strictly prohibited while using this medication.
  • This medication is not meant to be used by pregnant women, children and elderly patients.
  • A person who has not yet attained the age of 18 years should keep himself away from the use of Ambien.

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