Conduct a Safe Abortion with MTP Kit

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Abortion can be conducted in two ways either from the surgical way or from the medical way by taking some pills that induce abortion. Abortion is the name of the process via women can end her pregnancy before giving birth to her baby. Surgical process of abortion is banned in many countries of the world and has strict legal complications […]

Do not be fear of pregnancy after unprotected sex with Yasmin Pill

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Yasmin birth control pills make it possible to have control over your pregnancy. Though condom can be the largest birth controlling technique some males do not want to use condoms as this hinders their sensual pleasure. They think condom act as a barrier between their private parts making both of them feel less satisfied with their sensual performance. When they […]

Why to use surgical abortion when you have Abortion pills

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In today’s scenario, young college going girls are delighted to make male friends to explore their sensuality. They are so fantasized about their love life that they never hesitate to accompany their male partner to bed for lovemaking. They usually carry out love sessions with their male partner because they wish to appear cool and sophisticated, or they are pressurized […]

Use MTP Kit to carry out Abortion at Home

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If you check the recent data, the abortion pills have become the preferred method of pregnancy termination over MTP Kit. The offer more private way of abortion. It is the best method if you are looking to dispose your pregnancy confidentially. The MTP Kit carries both types of abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These are best taken to end unwanted […]