Say No To Your Unexpected Pregnancy with Plan B

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Pregnancy is a memorable and a most beautiful phase in any woman’s life that not only completes their family, but also fills the empty space in their heart. It develops an unforgettable feeling of happiness and also develops various duties and concerns towards her unborn child. It is essential to keep physically and emotionally fit, healthy and blissful throughout the […]

Birth Control Pill: Most Popular, Safe and Efficient Approach for Contraception

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For many couples who don’t want an accidental or an unwanted pregnancy, oral contraceptive pills (birth control pills) are really a gift. These pills are measured as a ‘back-up’ plan for those who want to plan their family as per their wish. There are many other methods of birth control which are available in the market, among all birth control […]

Outstanding Approach for Emergency Contraception

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Intimacy is a moment between the couples that is not always meant before having a preplanned arrangement, sometimes it’s happen suddenly or unexpectedly. This unexpected moment enhance the risk of unplanned pregnancy, if you are not taking any precautionary contraceptive method like oral hormonal contraceptive pills or using barrier method (condom), during conception. This unexpected pregnancy interrupts in the ecstatic […]

Easy Way to Avert an Un-wishful Pregnancy

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Birth control pills is an appropriate option for those couple, who wants to put a break from pregnancy and also not ready for having responsibility of a child.  This is a trustworthy option that significantly averts the undesired pregnancy to happen. Having sensual moment is very romantic and passionate thing that makes your relationship strong, but the pause comes in […]

Plan-B: Best Pill For Contraception In Emergency

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For emergency contraception, you look for a safe and successful method, which can effectively provide birth control effect. In this case you can use Plan-B. It has a sufficient capability to acts as an emergency contraceptive pill. There are some reasons, which force the female to use emergency contraception method. These include forceful intercourse, unprotected intercourse and contraception method issue […]

Plan B: Best Pill For Emergency Contraception

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Plan B Pill is a best medication, which is used as contraceptive pill in certain emergency conditions. There are certain urgent situations in which a female requires emergency contraception like forceful or unprotected intercourse and failure of contraception methods or missing of contraception method. The female, who are using certain contraception method, may get pregnant by some miss-happening. In these […]

Control Your Unwilling Pregnancy With Mifeprex PIlls

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Mifeprex Pills is an effective oral medication which contains Mifepristone which is present in this medicine. Mifeprex medication aids to end of pregnancy up to 9 weeks of development of fetus. The medicine is an FDA licensed medication that helps in medical problems such as abortion by using hormonal therapy. Mifeprex pack contains 3 tablets having 200mg Mifepristone in all […]

Yasmin Pills: Best Solution To Stop Undesired Pregnancy

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Yasmin Pill is a huge innovation, which shows the best and effective results against contraception. This medicine contains two main active components such as generic Drospirenone and Ethinyl estradiol, both of them functions mutually to show matchless result and finally brings extraordinary results within the recommended time. How pregnancy does take place? Pregnancy occurs due to the activity of various […]