To abort unwanted pregnancy use pills of MTP Kit

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The right to abortion of unwanted pregnancy is an important tool that serves as biggest protection of women fundamental right of reproduction. There are some evil creatures in our society who treats the women only as a subject matter to the fulfillment of sexual desires. Under lust to fulfill sensual desires people forget that women are also a human being […]

Get rid of tragedy of unwed pregnancy by ending it with Cytotec

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Rather than encouraging young women with an unplanned pregnancy to have a better access to health resources, our society keeps on accusing and humiliating young women for making such mistakes. Still, most of the societies consider pregnancy outside of wedlock is a sin, and almighty God will not forgive those women who made such mistake. Societies believe that a woman […]

Conduct a Safe Abortion with MTP Kit

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Abortion can be conducted in two ways either from the surgical way or from the medical way by taking some pills that induce abortion. Abortion is the name of the process via women can end her pregnancy before giving birth to her baby. Surgical process of abortion is banned in many countries of the world and has strict legal complications […]