MTP Kit – Accomplish Abortion without Surgery

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MTP kit is a useful medication, which is used to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. This kit consists of two medications i.e. Mifepristone and Misoprostol, in a specific concentration. It is also called as abortion medication, which provides a safe and secure abortion of an unwanted pregnancy, which is less than 49 days. When a female, consider about ending an early […]

Carry Out Abortion Without Hospitalization

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Mifepristone and Misoprostol is the abortion pill. These are useful medication, which terminates a pregnancy, which is not more than 49 days. Abortion is a process, which helps to abort the pregnancy. Abortion can be required in certain cases of unwanted pregnancy such as failure of contraception methods, unprotected intercourse and relationship problems. A female has many options for performing […]

Use Mifeprex Kit for Trouble Free Conclusion of Pregnancy

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Planned Parenthood is the admired and accepted approach among the couple in today’s scenario. If you are not prepared for having a child but an unprotected intimacy act has resulted in pregnancy.  In this type of situation you are left with the only choice of abortion. Either you can opt for surgical abortion or medical abortion, but the best method […]

Control Your Unwilling Pregnancy With Mifeprex PIlls

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Mifeprex Pills is an effective oral medication which contains Mifepristone which is present in this medicine. Mifeprex medication aids to end of pregnancy up to 9 weeks of development of fetus. The medicine is an FDA licensed medication that helps in medical problems such as abortion by using hormonal therapy. Mifeprex pack contains 3 tablets having 200mg Mifepristone in all […]