Be a mom after planning only otherwise opt abortion with mtp kit

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“Pregnancy is a wonderful time that any woman can experience in her life”, it remains beautiful till it is PLANNED.  It means that “a woman wants to be a  MOM, tries for getting pregnant and that day she realizes that her period is late and those two lines appear on the pregnancy test”, that feeling is AWESOME………     What […]

Banish your torment of undesired pregnancy with Abortion pills

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Nowadays, young women often face “reproductive coercion” by male partners to interfere with their birth control or pressurize pressure them to become pregnant. Reproductive coercion takes various forms, but normally involves a male partner’s direct intervention with a woman’s use of contraception. Male may prevent their female partner from taking birth control pills and they often carry out unprotected love […]

Not willing to continue unintentional pregnancy, use MTP Kit

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Rather than concentrating on the core issues of unplanned or unintended pregnancy, like fighting poverty and ensuring greater access to sensual health resources, people only focus on blaming young women for making bad choices. Today, still society believes that women who got pregnant outside their wedlock had created sin. Our society assumes about women’s purity and chastity is directly associated […]

Abortion pills are used to stop and remove the unwished conception

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Women prefer the medical method of abortion by using Abortion pills over the painful, invasive surgical procedure to terminate and eliminate the unwished pregnancy. Using Abortion pills is an easy, safe and secure way to annihilate the anxiety of undesired gestation successfully from your life. The reason behind abortion can be numerous depending on your condition. Thus, use Abortion pills […]

Abortion via MTP Kit is Easy, Cheap & Privy Option for Teenagers

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Love bond in teens have to go through many examinations, which test their patience, trust, differentiate infatuation from true love, empowers the adolescents to conquer their possessiveness and develop faith in new & growing relation. Teenage is the age of hormonal rush and has a reservoir of strength & virility but as an excess of something is always tricky similar […]