For the grief of an unexpected pregnancy, give Cytotec a chance

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Unexpected pregnancies have been around the block for centuries. Women back then were also in a dilemma regarding their pregnancies or had limited means which disabled their choices to have children. Nothing has changed to this date; some women still prefer their career, their life before a child. The earlier women had no choice but to either carry forward their […]

End the Agony of unwelcomed gestation using Abortion pills

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Nowadays, most of the females prefer Planned Parenthood all over the globe, therefore, in any case, she becomes pregnant unintentionally wants to eliminate this. Females who are looking for the best medicine or method for the termination of unwanted gestation then abortion pills come on the first. The abortion pill is one of the best, easy and effective medicines that […]

RU486 is a safe choice for women struggling to serious medical issues

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Protecting women health is a big social issue which we often neglect under the hullabaloo of abortion choice. Our society is somewhere biased when the things come to the health of the pregnant women. Though for every couple their “developing baby” is a premier choice but there are some unavoidable instances and health issues in which abortion need to be […]

End the disaster of uninvited pregnancy by using Cytotec

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Some women are in relationships with the man who is not supportive. Here, men often abuse or take violent action against their woman to make them pregnant against their will. Regrettably, the violence against women is very common and they often face violence by someone they know like partners, ex-partners, family members or friends. Sometimes, men can pressure women emotionally, […]

Get rid of tragedy of unwed pregnancy by ending it with Cytotec

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Rather than encouraging young women with an unplanned pregnancy to have a better access to health resources, our society keeps on accusing and humiliating young women for making such mistakes. Still, most of the societies consider pregnancy outside of wedlock is a sin, and almighty God will not forgive those women who made such mistake. Societies believe that a woman […]

Want abortion? Use abortion pills for safe & easy termination

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Why there is a need for Abortion Pill? The abortion pill is that vital alternative for those women who unknowingly conceive the unwanted pregnancy in her womb or have gained the same under some threat similar molestation. This pill blesses women with last option to save the self from forceful pregnancy by undergoing the termination of unwanted. What types of […]