RU 486 pill: A safe and successful method of abortion

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Nowadays abortion is very common and increases day by day. In developing countries, the rate of unsafe abortion is more as compare to developed countries. The abortion is the process of terminating pregnancy outside the womb. The abortion usually is performed due to unwanted pregnancy. The reason of unwanted pregnancy may not be same in every case, it might happen […]

Choose a Safe and Secret Method of Abortion with RU486 Pills

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When a girl grows and reaches her teen’s age, she gets attracted towards boys, however at this initial age where she does not even know the difference between “LOVE” and “LUST” gets intimated. Due to lack of sensual knowledge, these teenage girls mostly intimated with wrong persons and without contraceptive. However, these girls are not aware that the love they […]

Eject the undesired baby before its birth with MTP Kit

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Pregnancy when happens in time brings happiness to the mother and family both, but what if the pregnancy comes when no one wants it. Neither the mother itself nor the family wanted the baby to come in this world. The reason behind this can be any but what is more important to think is about the mother and her future. […]

Never let unwanted gestation to mess up your relationship, use RU486

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Unplanned pregnancies are very common; many women got unintended pregnancy once in their lifetime. It is not a big deal in the case of married women to answer an unplanned pregnancy, which may due to the failure of contraceptives or having an unprotected intimacy act. However, it becomes too difficult for an unmarried woman to answer an early undesirable pregnancy, […]

Ru-486 is a Splendid Option for the Success of Pregnancy Termination

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Abortion or pregnancy termination has always been a controversy whether it has done for legally or illegally and intentionally or unintentionally. Having children is a dream for any couple or woman but if that happens accidentally, then accidents happen out of the blues. Therefore, if you have not taken any precaution or your safeguard seems to be failed, then certainly […]

Mifepristone Pills Help You to Live Your Life on Your Priorities

Mifepristone Pills Help You to Live Your Life on Your Priorities

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After a certain age period, children leave their parent’s home and stay at a place away from them in order to make their career in respect with studies, job, or family. In that scenario, living together with opposite gender is very common. At this age, when you are sexually active and in a fertile phase gives you sometimes situations that […]