No Anesthesia, No Surgery and Less Painful abortion with RU486 Pill

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The RU486 abortion medication is legitimate remedy to conclude pregnancy less than 9 weeks i.e. 63 days of the gestation. It gives a great alternate to surgical abortion to remove unplanned pregnancy. Woman undergoing abortion with pills has no fear of incision or use of any sharp instrument. When you look for unswerving choice for ceasing unwanted pregnancy, RU486 pill […]

Now: Execution of an Abortion Became Easier With RU486 Pill

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Every so often in life, we make mistakes and to hide our one mistake we bring many problems for ourselves. Today, you can find almost every woman or girl became sensually active when they reach their puberty. They all have male friends and occasionally or regularly, they make love sessions with their male friends. Of course, this is not an […]

Erase the trouble of accidental pregnancy by using Abortion Pills

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After struggling very hard, you have accomplished a position in MNC. Instead of your early first pregnancy, you have organized a good equilibrium in your professional and personal life for which you did very hard work. It took so long to you to reach this peak of your career as things were messed up when you gave birth to your […]

Use Abortion pills to get freedom from unplanned early pregnancy

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Nowadays, unplanned or unintended pregnancy is very common in women due to several conditions like forced sensual session, rape or incest, failure of contraceptive method, lack of sensual relationship knowledge, improper use or lack of knowledge about contraceptives, etc. Unplanned or unintended pregnancy imposes unnecessary physical or emotional health risk to the women, which not put their life in danger, […]

Be a mom after planning only otherwise opt abortion with mtp kit

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“Pregnancy is a wonderful time that any woman can experience in her life”, it remains beautiful till it is PLANNED.  It means that “a woman wants to be a  MOM, tries for getting pregnant and that day she realizes that her period is late and those two lines appear on the pregnancy test”, that feeling is AWESOME………     What […]

Banish your torment of undesired pregnancy with Abortion pills

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Nowadays, young women often face “reproductive coercion” by male partners to interfere with their birth control or pressurize pressure them to become pregnant. Reproductive coercion takes various forms, but normally involves a male partner’s direct intervention with a woman’s use of contraception. Male may prevent their female partner from taking birth control pills and they often carry out unprotected love […]