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Cease Accidental Pregnancy in Secret Way

What to do when your own, “the unborn one” is threatening life of your life partner; yes!!! It’s a deliberate condition where you have to go for medical termination or what to say an abortion.

Abortion!!! A deliberate way to induce Miscarriage or dumping load, but what could be the best way to go maternity care if she is bearing load and it threatens the life of your partner itself… then it’s better to dump it.

But you are provided with surgical approach and medicine way, now what to choose or what not to, is the question?

There is no competition for invasive abortion and hormone mean of abortion, it should be your decision for abortion, but it could be Right or wrong this question is always present in the mind state.

Many ladies try one or other way to check which the best is and less painful way for abortion. The drug RU486 shunts abortion and breaks the circle of life continuing in the womb, but fact is this either way cramping is going to happen with safe and effective abortion. RU486 being a hormone medication that contains Mifepristone tablet. The drug is taken in abortion where pregnancy is not more than 49 days.

There are various reasons for any individual to carry out abortion. But there are conditions where you are misunderstood, or being criticized… and this RU486 medicine method helps you to pursue this abortion at home without getting you into heck of surgery the cuts, bills, medical person and the large amount of bill that seep into your pocket. Buy RU 486 online from this online pharmacy that does conceals the patient details and delivers in the given stated time period. Place your order now.

If you want to conceal your abortion procedure, you have an exclusive way to cover it up with the help of RU 486 that carries out the termination silently buy the help of anti progestin drug Mifepristone served in the pack of 3 tablets in single pack of RU 486 tablet.




How to take the drug? How it helps?

The drug served in pack of pills 3; consider it as a single dose that has 200mg take the drug orally at once. Even if the drug does not helps you to bring complete abortion in two days then take help of Misoprostol tablet.

RU 486 is progesterone antagonist that will induce detachment of fetus from the womb by shredding the lining of uterus.

 Some person might say it was nightmare experience after abortion as it an emotional process for them not only this the abortion drug induce heavy bleeding, fever body ache, abdominal pain, pelvic pain and nausea like experience make it unpleasant experience.

You should keep in mind the following facts while using the RU 486 tablets:

  • One should have proper nutrition after abortion.
  • If any candidate has IUD implant she should remove it first.
  • Patient suffering bearing chronic adrenal failure and Hemorrhagic disorders.
  • Patient has history hypersensitivity to Mifepristone then you should not take the drug.
  • One should not take the RU 486 along certain drugs like anticonvulsant, Macrolide antibiotics, and antifungal drugs as the drugs counter act the Mifepristone.
  • After 14 days you should of medication, you should visit the doctor for confirming the medical termination.


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