Common Misconceptions About MTP Kit

There are various misconceptions related to the medical termination of pregnancy, or the use of abortion pills. One of them is that it leads to breast cancer. The termination of pregnancy, when done under the correct guidance and by a doctor, is considered to be one of the safest processes. To debunk this myth, let’s have a look at what American Cancer Society’s website has to say. According to this website  Even though breast cancer is the commonest form of cancer found in women aside from skin cancer, at this point of time there is no scientific evidence that supports the theory of abortion leading to breast cancer or any other cancer.

Common misconceptions about MTP Kit

The other one is that abortions will hurt the fetus when, in reality, fetuses are not capable of feeling any sort of pain till the 24th week of pregnancy as the neurological nerves required to sense pain are not yet developed. The abortion methods performed these days are done to suit the wellness of the woman; it is the illegal abortions that have the potential to hurt a woman. Another misconception is that women develop mental health issues or depression etc. If we search for the data, then it is found that about 95% of women are fine after having an abortion. As per the American Psychological Association, there is no strong linkage found between mental illnesses and Abortion. As per the association, some women do experience depression, but this may also be entangled to the possibility of prior drug/alcohol, emotional or physical abuse.

The data shows that more than 54 percent women who went through abortions used contraceptive, yet something or the other went wrong and they ended up being at this place. Abortion is not contraception a woman has to go through a lot to get it done and nobody wants to go through this dilemma, it is only taken as the last resort against unintended pregnancy.

MTP Kit is a product woman prefer as it allows them to conclude an early pregnancy with ease and efficacy. The process abortion, when done through pills, is considered to be the safest procedure when done as per guidelines and in the presence of a medical practitioner. MTP Kit is a hugely relied upon the brand of abortion pill which is chosen over other abortion methods as it fulfills the demand of a safer, successful, hassle-free, highly effective, affordable and tool-free way to get the process done.

MTP Kit used two FDA approved drugs known as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Mifepristone exerts its response by blocking the functioning of a hormone named Progesterone which is important for pregnancy as it supplies oxygen and nutrients to the fetal cells.

Misoprostol thrusts strong contraction in the Myometrial lining of the uterine walls dilates the cervix and makes it ripe as well, thus leading to the exclusion of fetal cells in the form of a blood clot.

MTP Kit has five pills in its pack, there are 4 Misoprostol pills (200mcg each) and one Mifepristone (200 mg). Start the process by ingesting the Mifepristone pill orally, two hours before or after taking food, with water early in the morning. After a wait of 48 hours, you are required to insert all four Misoprostol pills vaginally or ingest it orally. On the 14th day of the therapy get an ultrasonography done to validate the process of abortion.

Certain side effects of this medication are exhaustion, giddiness, diarrhea, severe vaginal bleeding, nausea, pain, back pain, and vomiting.

Preventive Measures!

  • Do not use MTP Kit for the abortion of an Ectopic or Tubal pregnancy as it is contraindicated and can have disastrous effects.
  • Complete rest and Nutrition (iron and protein-rich diet) are of significance as it aids in faster recuperation.
  • You are susceptible to catching the infection if you get involved in lovemaking before getting fully recovered.

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