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Different Condition – Different Choice – MTP Kit is best for Abortion

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When it comes to the outcome of unsafe sexuality during usual days intercourse it might lead to unwanted/Unscheduled and a totally Unplanned Pregnancy. Now, a woman pregnant falls in two divergent categories

  1. a) Stable financially, professionally, physically, emotionally having enough scope to continue with pregnancy without any hassle………………………………….….ACCEPT SURPRISE PREGNANCY
  2. b) Unstable Financially, professionally, physically, emotionally with many or one shortcoming that is quite challenging for women to cope up from……………………..DEJECT SURPRISE PREGNANCY & ACCEPT ABORTION

Now, those who accept pregnancy go to the gynecologist and begin with medications healthy for pregnancy development whereas those who don’t want to continue their accidental aka Unwanted Pregnancy and regard it just as a mistake in the flow of emotions whilst making love. They also seek the advice of OB/GYN but to seek alternative methods to flush out the unwanted pregnancy out the uterus. Two methods available for abortion are:

  1. a) Surgical method – Incorporates use of sterile tools under anesthesia but this method requires consent from the family members and filling of different documentation so fails in keeping secrecy about the woman.
  2. b) Medical method – It consists of only abortion pills, Mifepristone, Misoprostol and MTP Kit. This method needs consent only of the woman and enables her with sole responsibility to go for abortion by intake of only pills whilst sitting at the comfort of home and don’t bind you to take leave from work.

The most sold medication under the class of Abortion is MTP Kit that embraces two different medicines 1 pill 200mg Mifepristone and 4 pill 200mcg each-Misoprostol. You have to begin with dosing of Mifepristone first, that you can take orally with water on an empty stomach whereas later 2 days you have put all 4 pills of Misoprostol under your tongue or deep into your vaginal opening. To flush out the fetal contents out the women uterus in form of vaginal bleeding later 14 days gap you have to visit OB/GYN for abdominal Ultra scan to confirm nothing is present if uterine cavity.  Buy MTP Kit online from our pharmacy store at affordable price.

Mechanism via Mifepristone acts to elude out unwanted pregnancy is countering the surge of hormone Progesterone inside women body thus breakdowns the endometrial lining and drain out the fetal content attached to it, therefore, cancels pregnancy in between. Misoprostol via mechanism contraction and relaxation expels the fetus out the woman body so cancels all possible ways of pregnancy.

Malicious effects to MTP kit include discomfort in the abdominal region, heavy menstruation, stiff back, headache, sleep apnea, chills, fever and mood swings. Cautions that are crucial to being followed with MTP Kit usage are completely avoiding sexual connection, rigorous workout, motor riding and other activities like weight lifting. Do not drink alcohol, smoke or take any drug that causes interaction with abortion medications. Women prior putting Misoprostol should remove IUD from vagina region.

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