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What is abortion? Why women choose an abortion?

Abortion is a process to conclude a pregnancy by expelling a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus. Women generally choose an abortion because of several factors including failure of contraception, lack of economic resources to support a child, congenital birth defects in child, pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, physical or psychological health disorders, inability to support or care for a child, or simply do not want to enjoy their motherhood.

What is the best method for the execution of abortion?

Nowadays, the utilization of medical abortion method had made the abortion easier and safer. The medical abortion method generally utilizes Abortion pills to induce an abortion without taking help from a healthcare professional. The best thing is that it lacks all those shortcomings allied with surgical method of abortion including costly, painful, tiring, etc.

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What is the use of Abortion pills?

Abortion pills are the highly accepted medical abortion method employed in the protected annihilation of an early pregnancy of 7 to 9 weeks of gestation. Abortion pills enfold Mifepristone and Misoprostol as main serviceable elements. Mifepristone pills are reachable under the brand’s name of Mifeprex, Mifegyne, RU486, Korlym and these medications are employed in the annihilation of early pregnancy of less than 7 weeks. Misoprostol pills come in the brand name of Cytotec utilized in the annihilation of pregnancy of less than 7 weeks. MTP KIT is a most popular brand of Mifepristone and Misoprostol used in the annihilation of pregnancy of 9 weeks.

What is the exact mechanism of action of Abortion pills?

Mifepristone wraps up an early pregnancy by creating an obstruction in the working of progesterone hormone necessary for the maintenance of pregnancy. The diminution of body’s progesterone level causing the peeling of uterus lining that causes the removal of a fetus from the mother’s womb. Mifepristone also causes the cervix wall to relax and dilate for the easy elimination of a fetus out the uterus. Misoprostol causes the forceful contraction of the endometrial wall so that a dead fetus comes out from the womb along with blood clots and dead cells.

What are the dosing plans of using Abortion pills?

A solo pack of Mifeprex, Mifegyne, RU486, or Korlym holds three Mifepristone pills (each 200mg). Consume all Mifepristone pills together as a single dose orally with water, without food. After two days, follow with a clinical visit for the abortion verification.

A solo pack of Cytotec holds 12 pills of Misoprostol (each 200mcg). Take all of these pills in a single day by making a bunch of four tablets at a regular duration of 3 to 4 hours either orally or vaginally. After two days, follow with a clinical visit for the abortion verification.

A solo pack of MTP Kit holds one Mifepristone pill (200mg) and four Misoprostol pills (each 200mcg). Take one Mifepristone pill orally followed by use of 4 tablets of Misoprostol 200mcg after 2 days of Mifepristone intake either orally or vaginally. After 14 days, follow with a clinical visit for the abortion verification.

What are the malicious effects of Abortion pills?

A woman may experience some common malicious effects while carrying out an abortion with Abortion pills such as sleepiness, strong stomach pain or cramps, nausea, headache, wooziness, heavy vaginal bleeding, inaccurate vision, diarrhea, vomiting, and painful back.

Professional’s Advice:

Circumvent the consumption of alcohol, grapefruits or its juices during the execution of an abortion with abortion pills. Do not carry out any hazardous act during an abortion like as swimming, driving and weightlifting. The utilization of Abortion pills is not safe and efficient in the extermination of an ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy of more than 9 weeks. Cart off an IUD device before executing an abortion with Abortion pills, or else it may cause severe uterine bleeding.

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