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Do Not Need To Suffer Due To Nerve Pain, Opt Lyrica Now

A stabbing electrical pain that is not like a normal pain, it does not ache, hurt, or throb it is like an electric signal gone haywire. Most people define this as a burning or tingling kind of sensation that may happen anytime. While some people describe this pain as “silent” or “mostly quiet” but when it comes, it feels like an electric shock or a series of sharp or stabbing jabs with a sharp pointed knife, it becomes strong and repeats many times.

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Experiences of neuropathic pain by different persons

“This pain is absolutely maddening for me”. “Neuropathic pain can make any one crazy”. “From my shoulders down, it feels like thousands of bugs are biting under my skin.”

About neuropathic pain:

It generally occurs due to a lesion or a disease of the somato-sensory system, including central neurons and peripheral neurons.  There are a number of causes of neuropathic pain such as diabetes mellitus, aging global population, and improved survival from cancer after chemotherapy. This generally happens due alternation of pain signals so that wrong painful signals reach to central nervous system.

Consequences of nerve pain:

Neuropathic pain impairs the quality of life as it augments the drug prescriptions and visits to the health care providers.


Lyrica – an antiepileptic drug, that is first approved for the treatment of postherpetic and diabetic neuropathic pain. Apart from this, it is also used to manage fibromyalgia. Lyrica is an advance version of top selling generic drug namely Pregabalin.

The pharmacological effects of Lyrica originate at alpha-2-delta binding site in the central nervous system. This interaction minimizes the calcium dependent depolarization at nerve terminals, in turn, decreases the discharge of neurotransmitters. Thus, it decreases the transmission of electric damaged signals to the brain and makes its user unaware of the neuropathic pain.

The dosage of Lyrica:

  • Diabetic neuropathy: Initially being a beginner, start with a dose of Lyrica 50 mg by means of oral route thrice a day. Depending on your body’s tolerability, augments the dosing strength to 100 mg per day within 1 week. Mind it; do not augment the Lyrica’s doing more than 100 mg thrice per day.
  • Post herpetic Neuralgia- Take Lyrica 75 mg through the mouth, twice in a day that can further enhance to 100 mg, thrice a day within 1 week.
  • Fibromyalgia – As a beginner, take Lyrica 75 mg orally twice a day that can further boost to 150 mg orally twice a day.
  • Neuropathic Pain- Being a first time user starts with Lyrica 75 mg orally twice a day, which can further increase to 150 mg orally double a day within 1 week.

There are some possible side effects of Lyrica such as lightheadedness, constipation, problems with memory swelling, dry mouth, lethargy, tremors, or loss of synchronization.

Safety info:

  • Lyrica brand is not considered safe if you are allergic to any compound present in it as it may lead to chances of side effects.
  • Taking alcohol along with Lyrica may enhance the risk of adverse effects associated with it. Therefore, avoid taking it.
  • Lyrica may be a responsible compound for making you sleepy so avoid driving after taking this drug.

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