Don’t want to be a mommy then abort with MTP kit

For some, being a mommy is a joyful thing and for some, being a mommy is a tense situation. This depends on the condition and circumstances in which a woman is bearing a child. Millions of sperms are released once intercourse is done. There are huge chances of conception when full intercourse in done. Even after one choose withdrawal method, single wrongful doing while the act can make you fall pregnant.

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If you are desperate for pregnancy then you should go for it but if you are against your pregnancy and do not want so for some time then have an early medical abortion. The medical abortion is possible with MTP KIT. This Kit works best to abort unplanned, unwished, and undesired pregnancies. You will soon be relieved from unwanted gestation. Those five pills work best to expel your gestation painlessly.

MTP KIT is an essential kit for aborting your pregnancy of below 9 weeks. This kit is composed of Mifepristone and Misoprostol as an active component that works to remove your pregnancy. The first component Mifepristone acts over the hormone progesterone. This hormone is important for keeping up your pregnancy alive in your fetus. The main role of this is to transfer nutrition towards your fetus for enriching its growth. Mifepristone breaks the nutrition supply and makes a fetus devoid of nutrition keeping it dead. Misoprostol causes dilation and contraction of uterus removing out a fetus from your womb.  This combination of kit helps in final abortion.

  • Have a single dose of Mifepristone with water. This tablet has the strength of 200 mg. Have it orally with ample water.
  • Maintain a gap of two days and
  • On the third day, Have four tablets of Misoprostol with water. This tablet each has the strength of 200 mcg. Have it orally with water or vaginally.
  • Maintain a gap of 14 days and
  • On the 14th day, verify your abortion completion.

What are the contradictory measure that has to be followed always?

  • You ought not to use this once you have any allergic reaction.
  • You ought not to use this while you face an ectopic gestation.
  • You ought not to use this while your age is coming below 18 years.
  • You ought not to use this when you also ingest anticoagulants and corticosteroids.
  • You ought not to use this when you have porphyria and bleeding disorder.

What are the safety precautions one should follow while using this kit?

  • Allow usage of healthy diet and juices to keep up your health.
  • End intake of alcohol and grapefruit juice as those will produce bad results.
  • Remove your IUD’s as those will interrupt with your abortion process.
  • Keep yourself away from tough tasks, as there may happen severe dizziness.

One may suffer from some after effects such as nausea, vaginal bleeding, belly pain, stomach cramps, vomiting, muscle pain, and back pain.

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