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Don’t Want to be Mommy Right Now Prevent it with Birth Control Pills

Turning into mommy!!! You can’t pick any particular point, there are lot many of things you’ll experience while turning to mother and bearing a load, puffed legs, hormone drooled you to chubbiness and lot of desire to eat and turned you into something else you never was…. ha-ha, you must be laughing at yourself, what !! You have changed into “the large belly popping out.”

It surely takes your heart away when your feet do not fit in your own shoe…

These are not the things you have planned it, not planning to be mommy now!!!! Don’t even want to compromise with your intimate behavior. You can go for a birth control measure and the most prevailing and accurate method is Hormone pills which are served in the form oral tablets.

These hormone pills are nothing but female hormones synthesized artificially, but are synthetic analogue of natural hormone that hinders the condition which favors the pregnancy.

Well birth control is mean to prevent pregnancy by serving “Pill” to the lady, if one takes the medicament effectively in accurate manner there are 99.9% that you’ll be safe and can plan your family your way. But this way you are not secured with the STD and AIDs.

Well!!! Well!!!!Well!!! It’s the time for knowing what these hormone pills are and how they act?

The Pill constitutes of man-made Progestin and estrogen hormones.


A women body produces egg from ovary and this is known as ovulation which is regulated by estrogen and Progesterone hormone which produces and prepares the female body respectively. The male sperm joins the egg and this communion brings out the baby formation, but the pill you take will stop this communion in following way:

  • The contraceptive pill will stop you/ female from ovulation.
  • The hormone pill alter the cervical mucus lining so egg will not attach the endometrial wall so chances of adhering and imbibing is stopped.
  • The drug will alter the cervix lining too, hence lining change due to excess mucus which will stop the sperm to reach egg and hence no implantation will take place.

There are various birth control pills available in the market like Yaz / Yasmin containing Drospirenone and Ethinyl estradiol, these are new generation synthetic progesterone very close to diuretic Spironolactone and the drug also contains anti androgenic.

Other than this we have some other marketed preparation that contains different drug like:-

  • Yasmin (Drospirenone + Ethinyl estradiol),
  • Dianette (Cyproterone Acetate), Norethindrone,
  • Plan B and Ovral-L (Levonorgestrel),
  • Mircette (Desogestrel + Ethinyl Estradiol).

The drug should not be taken only when the female is a chain smoker or age beyond 35 years.

One may take the drug in following manner:

The combined oral contraceptive pills are usually served in 21 “active” pills that contain estrogen and progestin hormones. Single pill for each day for 3 weeks followed by 7 days off or in 28 pills pack including 21 “active” pills taken every day, followed by 7 days of “placebo” reminder pills. Ones should have pills every day, and at the same time each day.

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