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Fall asleep in 5 minutes using Mogadon (Nitrazepam tablets)

The sleep problem is quite common globally. In fact, billions of people around the world are struggling with this issue. If you are deprived of your night rest then this will destroy your overall wellbeing of the next day. Doctor’s suggest that minimum 6-8 hours of the sleep is required by the body, in lack of this rest your mind may behave stressed. Lack of sleep also results in generation of all sorts of problems like anxiety, tiredness and lethargy. Therefore, rest is essential. It is also utmost essential to overcome your sleep problem.

mogadon 10mg

People suffer sleep issues due to number of reasons which may be office work, daily chores, stress, continuous worry, or late night television shows, these are just to mention a few. However, whatever may be the reason of your sleep problem it is important to have a solution. Insomnia puts a big toll on both mental and physical wellbeing of your health.

If you are looking forward towards a solution sleep problem, then Mogadon can be a reliable option.  It is an FDA approved drug that contains Nitrazepam as the main active constituent. It belongs to the benzodiazepine class of medication. It is the best short term solution towards your sleeping problem such as insomnia, awakening frequently at the night time, and early morning waking up. People struggling with myoclonic seizures can use Mogadon as a solution. It helps to slower down the central nervous system response and thus helping you sleep faster.

The major therapeutic categories of Mogadon 10mg (Nitrazepam) is as under –

  1. Anti-Anxiety Agents
  2. Benzodiazepine Derivatives
  3. Central Nervous System Depressants
  4. Hypnotics and Sedatives
  5. Tranquilizing Agents
  6. Anticonvulsant Agent

The mechanism of action of Mogadon is as under –

Since it is benzodiazepines derivative drug it acts on the central nervous system and slower down the response associated with the GABA receptors. It helps in the increased binding of GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) to GABAA receptors in the brain. This action helps in inducing sleep, muscular relaxation and managing anxiety and seizures.

The ideal dosing regimen of Mogadon 10mg is as under –

The best recommended dosing strength of Mogadon in 10mg. To start with your insomnia treatment you have to take single before shortly before the bed time. It should only be taken during night.

Mode of administration –

The medication comes in the oral dosing formulation. Take it with a glass full of water. It can be taken after food, or without food. Follow your doctor’s prescription label carefully.

Be careful of underlined mentioned after effects of the Mogadon –

The medication is generally safe for the use; however, on its ill administration you may feel dizziness, headache, fatigue, reduced attentiveness, misperception, muscle weakness, stomach upset and skin rashes. Consult your doctor immediately is these adverse effects do not go.

Must follow underlined mentioned precautionary measure with Mogadon 10mg –

  1. If you are nursing mother or pregnant then do not consume this medication.
  2. The medication is not for children and geriatric people.
  3. If you are allergic towards the Mogadon, then this medication is not for your use.
  4. Heart, liver and kidney patient should not take this medication without consulting their doctor.
  5. Do not leave it suddenly as it may lead to bad side effects.

Add to Cart –

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