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For unacceptable and objectionable pregnancy use RU 486 for Abortion

Abortion option is considered when a woman does not want to have a child. One of the reasons being that the child born was out from rape. This situation becomes a critical one for a woman who has suffered from such incidence. Anti-abortion groups force women who are considering an abortion option. Conditions like this where conception happens unwillingly and unwantedly can be dejected. This process of a medical abortion can be undergone with the help of RU-486. Those pills are the worth one for expelling the fetus from the womb but for less than 7 weeks. Women who have been raped and is bearing the consequence of the same in her womb should try RU486. This medicine is the safest one and helps to abort painlessly. There would be bleeding for some days but later it would stop.

ru 486 for unacceptable and objectionable pregnancy

To know more about RU486 just have a look in below blog:

This brand of medicine RU-486 consists of GENERIC as “MIFEPRISTONE”.

This medicine comes as solid dosage form and that is “TABLET FORM”.

This medicinal form has a total of about “THREE TABLETS”.

Indication/uses of this medicine form: This form of the drug is helpful in making an abortion possible easily and safely without any pain. Those whose gestation is below “7 WEEKS” can use this drug form for medical abortion purpose.

Mechanistic approach by which this medication works inside your body: Adrenal glands and ovary present inside our body help in producing progesterone hormone. This hormone works in supplying proper nourishment towards the fetus for enabling its growth and development. When this medicine Mifepristone is used then it blocks the nutrition transfer to the fetus and makes fetus devoid of nourishment. This finally leads to the death of the fetus.

Dosing schedule for concluding your pregnancy: Three pills Mifepristone are taken at a time and each pill consists of 200 mg. This medicinal form should be ingested with water through an oral route. Just have a gap of two days and then check with an ultrasound test. If abortion does not happen then ingest two more pills Misoprostol. Each having dosage as 200-mcg via orally or vaginally only. Again, after two more days then check with ultrasound test about your abortion success.

Parameters to contraindicate: Never do use:

  • When age is less than 18 years
  • When taking up corticosteroids or anticoagulants
  • When sensitive to its ingredients
  • When having porphyria or bleeding disorder
  • When gestation is ectopic

Safety tips that should be followed while using this medicine:

  • Dismiss the using up of alcoholic drinks as well as grapefruit juices as those can result in harmful effects.
  • Discard the IUD use as this interferes with the abortion process.
  • To combat weakness have healthy diet pre and post-abortion.
  • High dizziness appears so avoid work that needs alertness and vigil.
  • When bleeding continues for more than normal then ask your doctor.

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