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“It is good to play with toys but not with the body” but today’s girls are doing so. We are talking about the teen girls; they get to engage in lovemaking task without thinking about the consequences. Under the peer pressure or to prove themselves cool in their group or sometimes they come in the influence of the boy they love and this is why to prove their loyalty towards him they get attached with him sensually. However, at that time, they think that what they are doing is right and nothing is wrong with it. Even the boy they choose is also not mature enough to give a commitment to whole life. Most times the boy whom they are dating is of elder age so he is just with her for sensual intercourse; once his interest has gone from her, he leaves her alone. She feels that it is love and sensual intercourse is just a part of it but she should remember that her body is not a toy to play.

cytotec for unwanted pregnancy termination

Well, most of the times she realizes that she got pregnant and this is the time when she realizes her mistake of unprotected intercourse. Her education, her career, and her goals seem like they are going to end soon. The only option to end this entire problem is abortion that is done by using Abortion Pills like – Cytotec Misoprostol pill.

Cytotec has saved so many lives from running by ending an unplanned pregnancy of 7 weeks. It is a medicinal way of abortion that can be used at home without any doctor’s guidance. It is a safe and legal way for abortion an early pregnancy as when a woman makes her mind for an abortion she can make abortion in the next morning. There is no use of surgical tools as it is done by using medicines only, therefore, it is completely safe and there is no chance of vaginal or cervical infection.

Misoprostol is always a highly successful medicine for abortion and it is available in the branded form of Cytotec. Misoprostol has been grouped in the category of medicines namely prostaglandin. The action of this medicine starts by attaching to the Myometrial cells for producing the strong contractions making the fetus died. Then there is ripening, softening and dilating the cervix so that fetus gets easily expelled out from the body in the form of bleeding and clotting.

There are 12 Misoprostol (each of doing strength 200mcg) pills are present in one packet of Cytotec. The abortion process starts by putting the 4 tablets of Misoprostol beneath the tongue and then waits till it dissolves completely. There take rest for 4 hours before taking 4 more pills by the same process. If you are taking it vaginally, then you need to use saline water. Then wait for 48 hours and go for an ultrasound for the confirmation of abortion.

Cytotec may be responsible for negative effects like diarrhea, biliousness, headache, menstrual constricting, heavy vaginal hemorrhage, nausea, stomach cramping, constipation, and vaginal discomfort. Follow some cautions and you are safe then: Refrain the lovemaking completely as it increases the risk of vaginal infection and pregnancy again. If symptoms do not get better then call your doctor urgently.

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