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Women seek abortion help in certain and specific situations. We know that abortion is not right but when a woman has some certain reasons for an abortion then nothing can stop her. An abortion that is less than 7 weeks can be undergone with the help of Cytotec Pills. This procedure is safest and easiest one. This can be done on the wall of privacy at home or at the hospital also. Cytotec medication has helped many women in overcoming their pregnancies painlessly. Misoprostol in this comes as 12 in number and whole tablets are to be taken. It is your body and you have to decide if you can have a pregnancy or you cannot have a pregnancy.

cytotec 200 mcg

A generic composition about this medicine Cytotec:

This medicine has an active composition as Misoprostol.

Know the gestation time for which this medicine is used for an abortion:

Cytotec is chosen for thwarting your gestation of lesser than 7 weeks of pregnancy.

Know the mechanism of activity through which this medicine works in expelling this gestation:

Progesterone hormone is released via ovary and adrenal glands and helps in supplying the proper nutrition to the fetus in order to help it to grow and develop in your uterus. Mifepristone that is taken brings in the cessation in the nutrition passing to fetus finally leading to the death of the fetus. Misoprostol shows its function by contraction and dilation of fetus leading to fetus removal. Other advantageous is it treats incomplete miscarriage and also helps in bringing labor.

Cytotec works in three different modes such as mentioned below:

  • After softening of the cervix
  • After uterus muscles contraction
  • After inducing labor and expelling your fetus

Dosing structure regarding this medication:

12 pills (Misoprostol) are supposed to work in inducing an abortion process. Single Misoprostol pill does have 200-mcg strength. This is to be taken orally with enough water or through vaginal route only. One has to swallow the pills as 4-4-4 dose structure within a whole day. Also, the two dosing should have 4-5 hours interval. You need to wait for two days and then examine to know about an abortion success.

Contradictory parameters about this medicine and safety parameters:

  • Contraindicate this drug form in case of severe allergic reactions.
  • Contraindicate this drug form in case of using Corticosteroids or Anticoagulants.
  • Contraindicate this drug form if suffering from porphyria or bleeding disorder.
  • Contraindicate this drug form in an age that is below 18 years.
  • Those having ectopic pregnancy should not use this.
  • Pull out your IUD’s before going to have an abortion process.
  • Render doing any work at once after an abortion step.
  • Discard the uptake of alcoholic drinks as well as grapefruit juices.
  • When heavy bleeding prolongs for greater than 4 hours then reports your doctor.
  • Maintain your healthy diet as a weakness is quite possible after an abortion step.

After issues:

Stomach cramps, dizziness, drowsiness, belly pain, nausea, heavy vaginal bleeding, vomiting, and muscle pain.

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