erectile dysfunction

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The physical aspect of life is indeed of great importance, the self-love, caring, and desires are the pavement of personal growth and excellence. Sensual activities are seen not just as an act of showing love to each other, but also as a form of bursting frustration, body need and an essential requirement of life. Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence in males affects both the couples in different ways.

Where to a male, it is more than the loss of a physical pleasure, to a woman it brings the wave of unfulfilled desires and expectations. To a man, it is a loss of his born identity, his manliness his birthright to perform on the bed, increase his family and to satisfy his and his partners need. To a woman, it is a horrible phase where she feels helpless, unattractive at times and at a loss of love and affection which is foremost to a woman.

Erectile Dysfunction

The loss of ability to hold an erection leads to stress, frustration, anger, or a sense of self-loathing in a man where all he wants is his life back. To a woman it is different, it is a dilemma after a point, who to choose her man or her own self? The isolation or depravity she has been put to, or freedom to choose another one, it is at times a fight between the concept of loyalty and desires. If she chooses her freedom, the male gets even more frustrated, turn even angrier and sometimes a misogynist, if she stays, then she gets frustrated, may have to take brick bats for something she hasn’t done, may have to deal with anger bouts and depression.

The irony here is that most of the people who get ED, have to pass this phase even when the treatment is as simple as it gets. A drug is all you need, Vidalista 60 mg is all you need. Buy Tadalafil Vidalista 60 mg tablets from our reputed online drug bank and avail maximum discount.

Vidalista is a highly effective and successful therapy for the treatment of ED in males. The drug had magical effects on the users and makes them forget all the grief and agony that ED had brought to them. Vidalista has been able to help uphold erection in almost all cases associated with erectile Dysfunction and proves to be a hero since the last decade. Vidalista, as we know, is a brand of Tadalafil, an FDA approved pill.

Tadalafil is a PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor. It works by inhibiting enzyme  Phosphodiesterase type 5, which is responsible for the decline in cGMP level in the male penile part. This decline in cGMP levels does not allow the penile arteries to relax and dilate, thus reducing the blood flow, which leads to flaccid genital. By inhibiting the PDE 5 enzyme, Viadlista reverses this action and increases the blood flow, the resultant of which is a sturdy erection.

Vidalista is available in dosing strengths of 20mg, 40mg, and 60mg of dosing strength.   It is a tablet preparation, meant to be taken orally with a large amount of water. Initiate the dosing with 20mg or as recommended by your physician. The dose can be up titrated in case more response is needed, keeping in mind the tolerability of the drug. Take one Vidalista 15 minutes before involving yourself in sensual activity, the drug stays in the body for 36 hours, so maintain a gap of 3 days between two doses.

The most common side effects that may bother a few of the users are drowsiness and dizziness, headache, stomach discomfort and mild fever. These side effects are temporary in most users and fade away without any interference.


  • Do not take this drug along with alcohol, or grapefruit juice as the side effects may get aggravated.
  • If you get a painful erection that stays for more than 4 to 5 hours, then report your doctor as negligence may lead to permanent damages. This pain may even affect you if you have not indulged in any sensual activity.
  • Take extra caution while you drive or do any activity that requires attention as this drug induces drowsiness in a few of the users.
  • Do not take this drug concomitantly with Nitrates as it may lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure.

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