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Kristin and her partner were not settled to bear the burden of a child in their life, and then her pregnancy itself became a burden. They wanted a burden free life so that they both could focus on their careers and could become sufficiently able to bring upbringing of their baby in the best way. This was her first pregnancy and she did not want to conclude it but afterthoughts of the future of their baby, this was the right decision from her point of view too. With mutual understanding, they both came to a decision of aborting the baby before it’s too late. They were not financially strong enough to carry out abortion in a hospital via surgical abortion. After a lot of research, they came across a brand product RU486 that found to be helpful in carrying abortion. They were confused about the safety and how it functions and they discussed the same with their doctor. After it they came to know everything about the medicine and that is depicted below:

ru486 pill for safe abortion

RU486 is the prominent abortion pill that helps in the termination of the gestation that has crossed the period of 7 weeks. These pills carry out the abortion procedure by following the mechanism of Mifepristone as this is the main moiety of the medicine. A single pack of RU486 containing three pills of Mifepristone is to be used by the woman at a single time to conclude her pregnancy.

Mifepristone works onto the abortion process by disturbing the activity of progesterone hormone which is essential in supplying the nutrition towards the womb to heal the growth of the fetus. This functions in hindering the growth of the fetus and leading to fetal death.

The woman should start the pack of RU486 only after the advice of her doctor. She needs to consume all three pills packed in the packet orally with plenty of water. Each pill is contained with Mifepristone with dosing strength of 200 mg. After completing two days, she has to visit the doctor to confirm her abortion.

In case she remains pregnant, she then continues the dose with intake of two pills of Misoprostol (each of 200 mcg), again have a visit to the doctor after two days.

She must follow the following tips before starting abortion procedure:

  • IUD device should not be present while using the medicine.
  • Abortion pills are safe only if used after the age of 18 years.
  • Alcohol consumption should not be done during the medication period.
  • During her lactation period, she should not make use of these pills.
  • After using these pills she should consume enough of nutrient diet to overcome
  • Do not use these pills for concluding ectopic pregnancy.

Side issues with RU486 abortion pills:

A woman may sometimes get attracted to some of the noxious side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, headache, pelvic pain, irregular menstrual periods, heavy vaginal bleeding, tiredness or loss of libido.

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