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Make Your Erection More Powerful With Vilitra

You were in a lift of a hotel and Lift stops at the second floor where a girl enters in the lift. Your eyes stop at her, as she was looking damn beautiful in the navy blue top with lace work done on the sleeves with a deep neckline.

You reach your room but you were constantly thinking about her. You decide to talk to her about your feelings so you go at reception to get all information about her. You get to know that she is also in this hotel until tomorrow evening. You reach to her room and express your feelings. She accepts your proposal to spend the remaining time together and make it special.

You have a lot of planning in your mind about your dating and romantic night. You both took your dinner together and then reach to your room.

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She sits on the bed as if she is inviting you by her naughty gestures. You were feeling the love that you have never feel in your life for anyone else. You started kissing and untying her clothes. She is continuously supporting in your every step. She is admiring your body moves and in mid of it, you lost your erection.

You started trying to make excuses but in her mind, she knows that you got an erection failure. Without saying a word, she left the room. You were embraced and feeling ashamed and sitting completely all alone that you ruin this special night.

Don’t be ashamed when Vilitra is here. Buy Vilitra 20 mg online from our drug portal with rapid shipping option.            

Vilitra encloses an FDA approved generic drug known as “Vardenafil”. This is reported as a top medicine in the treatment of erectile failure. It gives you a rigid erection for a longer time so that you are engaged in the sensual activity for a longer time in bed. In this way, you will be able to satisfy your woman.

Vardenafil comes under a group of medicines known as a PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor. It blocks the degradation of cGMP located around male private part by inhibiting the PDE-5 enzymes. You became sensually aroused, nitric oxide starts releasing from your body. Nitric oxide is responsible for the synthesis and maintenance of cGMP in the male private part. This makes blood vessel relax and wide in the male penile part. Thus, blood starts flowing in your penile part with high velocity.

Vilitra is easily available in two different dosing strengths of 20 mg, 40 mg, and 60mg. You just need to swallow a single pill of Vilitra one hour prior to lovemaking session, with one full glass of water. You need not take more than a single pill in 24 hours as its effect in the body remains for 4-5 hours. You must avoid fatty meals for its better results.

Vilitra may induce some side effects like rashes, indigestion, nausea, flushing, airless nose, muscle aches, back hurting headache, faintness, wooziness, muscle ache, and ringing in ears.

Be safe:

  • If you are allergic to generic Vardenafil, do not consume Vilitra.
  • If you face the problem of prolonged erection more than 4 to 5 hours or painful erection, tell your doctor immediately.
  • Alcohol product is highly prohibited along with Vilitra as it may slow down its absorption in the body.
  • Vilitra makes you little bit dizzy so avoid driving or any work that require attentiveness.

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