Make Your Family Complete With Kids under Assistance of HUCOG

Fertility can be defined as the power to make or say complete the family. A family that has three generations living together under one roof is said the best family that one can get. Grandparents & your kids share a different chemistry & have max bond strength even when compared to you & your kids. These are God blessings and the important links in the family bonding. They are the catalyst that brings positive energy in the home and for you….. they are your world!

What about those, who don’t have kids at their home? Think about their life, about their suffering, mental stress they are undergoing, the burden of annoyance they are carrying on their head from the side of kith & kin. Being barren or infertile is the greatest curse to humanity……..!

It becomes difficult to sleep tight at night because the dreams of having a baby, in arms keep floating in your eyes whenever you close your eyelids. Day turns even more difficult to spend whenever you visit beach, parks, restaurants and see everyone with their babies, celebrating oneness & happiness………!

The couple’s suffering from infertility are too much in grief & full of anxiousness that whenever they are together they fight …………. its soul crushing but it’s the reality of most of the relationship.


Living such life will never going to bring happiness in your relation, better you face your situation and get its best treatment available, which is HUCOG Injection. This medicine has brought happiness in the life of umpteen couple, so can bring in yours! It is the maximum sale brand around the world be it US, UK or any other country of the world. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is the active ingredient in the brand HUCOG and it is a best available cure that we have for issues of infertility in both men and women.

In women, HUCOG corrects the issues of anovulation, irregular menstruation, manages ovarian hyperstimulation, invite a significant increase in the concentration of hormones crucial to bring pregnancy such as LH, FSH & Progesterone.

In men, HUCOG increases the sperm count, improve the concentration of testosterone hormone, boost virility or say cure Hypogonadism and stimulates the development of testicles in young children that are advancing towards maturity or puberty, a condition is known as Cryptorchidism.

HCG, when given in form of injection, it works instantly to correct anovulation and facilitate the implantation of fertilized egg to the uterine wall, regulate the menstruation cycle and direct the production of sperms in men by regulating the amount of LH & FSH in men.

Women should be given an injection of HUCOG 5000-10000 IU, via IM or Sc, followed by the last dose Menotropins to cure the issues of anovulation. 4000IU of HUCOG thrice per week when continued for 6 to 9 months, followed by 2000 IU thrice per week for an additional 3 months to control the issues of Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism. Cryptorchidism is a state curable by 10000 IU of HUCOG when given on every other day for four injections to young boys.

Side effects that user might attain when taking an injection of HUCOG, this includes a headache, agitation, mood swings, fatigue, edema in feet, pain in pelvic region, gynecomastia, pain, bruising & swelling at injected site.

Cautions need to follow with HUCOG Injection includes usage of the only sterile syringe and undergoing a pre-gynecological examination to detect the cause of infertility and counter risk of multiple pregnancies in any way. HUCOG should be avoided in children<4 years of age.

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