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Mifeprex: A Superb Solution to Get Rid Of Uninvited Pregnancy

Mifeprex: A Superb Solution to Get Rid Of Uninvited Pregnancy

A friend of mine was in a relationship with a boy. They loved each other and could do anything for each other. After 4 years of their relationship, they decided to live together and for this, they rented a house. They were very happy as they had more time to share their feelings and love to each other. However, one day she realized that she is pregnant. She went to the hospital for taking a pregnancy test and after taking the test, it was confirmed that she is pregnant. She decided to tell her boyfriend about her pregnancy. The boy asked her to go for an abortion because they were not yet married and this was not the right time to be a pregnant. She was very scared of unwanted questions that could be asked by the doctor. However, when they went to the hospital, the doctor did not ask any unnecessary questions about her pregnancy. The doctor prescribed her a medication called Mifeprex for the termination of pregnancy.

Mifeprex is a medication that is used in the termination of pregnancy in those women who have been pregnant for 49 days (7 weeks) or less. Mifeprex encloses of a drug called Mifepristone, which has an anti-hormone activity that inhibits the effect of progesterone and used for the execution of pregnancy.

Mifepristone have the ability to block the hormone known as progesterone that is essential for the pregnancy. Blocking of this hormone makes the uterine lining to shed off, the cervix becomes soft, and bleeding may occur. Mifepristone acts as a competitive progesterone receptor inhibitor only in the presence of progesterone and acts as a partial inhibitor in the absence of progesterone.

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