Mitigate Your Depressive Condition with the Help of Valdoxan

What happens if your friend stops texting you back? No longer seems interested when you suggest a night out? It is so simple to itself presume that possibly they are losing interest in your friendship. Occasionally, the certainty can be that they are experiencing a daily combat with their own mind. Mental sickness comes in diverse forms but no matter the trouble, it can become very devastating for those suffering. Getting out of bed, if achieved at all, may consider like an uphill battle. Every day jobs which are generally done with no batting an eyelid become more and more complicated to manage.


The bodies have a numeral of significant physical and behavioral processes, which are controlled by the cycling of day and night. These are also called as circadian rhythms and, if affected, can result in depression. The symptoms of depression may involve in the day-to-day life and can become very upsetting. However, if not controlled on time may become severe. Therefore, early treatment of depression and its symptoms can be controlled with the help of medication called as Valdoxan.

Valdoxan 25 mg is a powerful therapy that is more commonly used for the treatment of major depressive episodes. Valdoxan is an orally used medication that contains Agomelatine as active constituent. The use of this medication will help prevent depression returning and the condition of depression like feeling of being slowed down, sleep problems, feelings of worthlessness, feelings of anxiety or changes in appetite and weight.  Valdoxan is also helpful in controlling the ‘body clock’ (circadian rhythm) with positive benefits on mood and sleep in depression. Valdoxan comes under the category of medication called as anti depressant. It produces therapeutic action by stimulating MT1 and MT2receptors and enhances level of dopamine and nor adrenaline involved in control of mood. This helps to reduce depression. This drug also helps to normalize sleep pattern.

Dosing regimen: The regularly used dose of this medication is 25mg, obtainable as tablet dosage form. Take the medication orally with the help of full glass of water with or without food. You are supposed to use one tablet at bet time. The dose can be modified according to the need, as following two weeks of treatment, if there would no development of symptoms, the dose can be increased to 50 mg once daily, i.e. two 25 mg tablets, taken together at bedtime.

Possible side effects: The intake of this medication can show some unwished effects such as Feeling sick (nausea), diarrhea, feeling dizzy, tired or sleepy, headache, constipation, tummy (abdominal) pain, difficulty sleeping, feeling anxious, increased sweating, and back pain.

Precautionary measures while using the Valdoxan 25 mg:

  • You must not use the therapy if you are suffering from bipolar disorder; history of suicidal thoughts, obese overweight, liver disorder or allergic to any ingredient present in the medication.
  • Avoid the using it in case of elderly patient, pregnancy and breast feeding condition as it can show harmful effects.
  • You are not supposed to consume alcohol and drive a vehicle or operating sophisticated machine that need attention after taking the medication.
  • While relying on Valdoxan discuss with the doctor in between the treatment or it may require routine checkup of liver in around 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks and 24 weeks.

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