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Be a mom after planning only otherwise opt abortion with mtp kit

“Pregnancy is a wonderful time that any woman can experience in her life”, it remains beautiful till it is PLANNED.  It means that “a woman wants to be a  MOM, tries for getting pregnant and that day she realizes that her period is late and those two lines appear on the pregnancy test”, that feeling is AWESOME………


Abortion kit


What about those girls who break in tears when they see those two lines?

It all happens because it is an “UNPLANNED”  pregnancy and she is not ready for it.

At age 18, you are in an abusive relationship with an older boy, You thought that liking him whose age is more than you is good as he is an experienced person, he can better guide you in taking the right decision of life.  Later, you found that he was involved in a lot of drugs.

You have tried to explain him about the negative effects of drug overuse, but your talk ends with violence, he always hit you and make your mouth shut.


After going to stay with him for about 6 months, you found yourself pregnant and found that you did not have another choice except abortion. “Your parents were going to kick you out if you choose to keep the baby and after this, you need to spend your whole life with a “drug-addicted” man.


Finally, you choose to opt MTP Kit in your biggest decision of abortion in life. Now comes at MTP kit:


As you take Mifepristone, it blocks the working of progesterone hormone that lay off the supply of nutrients and essential requirements from the growing fetus that is responsible for fetus death due to break down of the uterine wall. Second compound Misoprostol make continuous forceful contraction so that dead abortion contents get out from the vagina in form of bleeding and clotting.


How to take MTP kit?

On your first day: Take one Mifepristone tablet of the power of 200mg on an empty stomach with one glass of water. On your 3rd day: Insert 4 Misoprostol tablet each 200mcg at once,  either orally or vaginally as per your choice.  On your 14th day: Go for an ultrasound to verify about your abortion.

MTP Kit can cause some of the side effects like heavy bleeding, nausea. vaginal infection, chills, vomiting, uterine contraction and vaginal discharge or discomfort.



  • DO NOT smoke or drink after taking pills of MTP kit, until your bleeding stops.
  • GO and ask your doctor if any severe side effect persist.
  • If you are allergic to any component of MTP Kit, then do not take this medicine for abortion.
  • You need to take complete bed rest and take healthy diet as well until you finally recover the losses that occurred in your body due to abortion.




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