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MTP Kit: A Safe & Soon way of Abortion

Abortion has been painted as a sin by pro-lifers, church believers and politicians. Since all they can see and say is, that abortion is a murder. Concerning this, many countries have even gone a further step to ban and term abortion practice as illegal. All this happens ignoring the fact that abortion has its own benefits.

mtp kit for abortion

What, if a mother is not healthy enough to carry out 9 months of gestation?

If a mother is suffering from heart disease, severe infection that can pass to the fetus?

There are cases of teenage pregnancies also!

Or else the worst of all, what if a pregnancy is a result of rape or an incest pregnancy?

Above mentioned instances are those when it is morally wrong to carry out a child birth, however we cannot ignore the those unwanted pregnancy cases where a woman is taking all the contraceptive measures to avoid pregnancy. Yet, due to the failure of those safe contraceptives, there is a pregnancy!!!

Moreover, abortion also plays an important part of family planning, if you already have children, at a guess, two or three, and you do not want any further. Most developed countries now understand the importance of abortion, thereby creating exemptions to the abortion clause.

When you have taken the important decision of an abortion, it is best to get it done as early as possible. If you are feeling worried about your unwanted pregnancy or hesitant to share with your family or friends, then go for MTP Kit regimen for pregnancy termination.  The success rate of MTP Kit is high and it is highly recommended pill aborting early gestation. Buy MTP Kit Online and say goodbye to unwanted pregnancy.

Before purchasing MTP Kit pill, you must have knowledge about it. Therefore, below is elaborated mechanism of action, dosage, side effects & essential precautionary measures to be taken with MTP Kit:

An MTP kit consists of 1 Mifepristone tablet of 200 mg & 4 Misoprostol pills of 200mcg. It is used during first 63 days of gestation.

The Effect:

The Mechanism of action of MTP kits follows a regimen of Mifepristone first. It stops the growth of a fetus by preventing the function hormone Progesterone. Shortage of the progesterone hormone changes the uterine wall and washes out the embryo from the womb. Mifepristone breaks the cervical wall while Misoprostol boosts the strong contractions on the endometrial wall. It results in the expulsion of a fetus along with callus and blood clots from the womb.

Dosing scheme of MTP Kit:

  1. On the first day: Take one tablet of Mifepristone – Strength 200mg; orally with a glass full of water.
  2. On the third day: Take four tablets of Misoprostol tablets – strength 200mcg; by the mouth or vaginal route.

On the 14th day of medication, it is advisable to go for a clinical examination or ultrasonographic scan after 14 days. This visit is essential for the confirmation of pregnancy.

Post abortion Care:

  • For the early recovery of your health and blood loss, a female should eat nutritive & an iron rich diet.
  • Take complete bed rest after abortion.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse after abortion as it may increase the risk of getting pregnant again.
  • Avoid performing strenuous activities or heavy physical exercise.

Side effects include dizziness; headache; heartburn; nausea; sore throat; stomach pain; stuffy nose; tiredness; vomiting; weakness heavy bleeding and uterine contractions – cramping.

Advisory: It is strongly advisable to seek medical attention if side effects tend to worsen.

To overrule the side effects follow below mentioned Precautionary Measures: 

  1. Women with ectopic pregnancy SHOULD NOT go for abortion with these pills.
  2. If you have, an Intra Uterine Device IUD should take out their device prior inserting the pills.
  3. DO NOT get intimate for the duration you are relying on the therapy or bleeding vaginally.

How can you make a purchase?

MTP Kit is the best methods to terminate early in a pregnancy. It is available online in our pharmacy store as the best selling medication for terminating an unwanted pregnancy. To make a quick purchase login through mtpkit24.com. Order now and avail our discount, on vast range of OTC and prescription medicines.

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