MTP Kit is the most promising drug available for early abortion

We all know the feeling of being caught unguarded; often such incidents are accompanied by anxiety. We get agitated and want to immediately come out of such a situation. One such very intense case is of unintended pregnancies. Whenever a woman gets the news of a pregnancy she is not looking for, it often accompanied by anxiousness and perplexity. A woman gets caught up in crossroads and doesn’t know where to head. Same happened when Nicole saw the strip turn positive, at first she couldn’t believe it so she got another one and yet the same result.  How intensely the situation precipitates depends on many situations, Nicole unfortunately satisfied many conditions. She was just 20, had entered college and had bright prospects for future, most importantly the guy she was with had just been in her life since some eight months and it was not as serious as marriage, anyway nobody thinks of marriage at twenty. The surprise bigger and bitter as she was on contraceptives which clearly didn’t do the job properly and here she was, covered in sweat with just the thought of the news being broken to her parents. Not that she felt any kind of guilt in premarital sex, yet she kind of felt bad about the thought of her parents knowing, parents have that effect on us. She called her boyfriend up and narrated the whole situation; he went mum for some time, she could feel sweat breaking out of his forehead too. Anyway, the guy came to see her with flowers and chocolates, just hoping that she wouldn’t be mad at him, which she was not, she knew they had taken measures and yet more had to be taken now. After considering all viable options they did reach a consensus that it was best to abort the pregnancy.

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MTP Kit is the most accepted choice of females who are looking for concluding their pregnancies. This is a product employed for termination of early pregnancy which means it should up to or below 9 weeks of gestation. MTP Kit offers the user an upper hand over other existing methods of early abortion (first trimester) as it is very safe (safest method in medicine)when all the standards are met, convenient as it only requires ingestion of pills, highly effective with a huge success rate of 98%, affordable, tool-free and hassle-free. MTP Kit is a combination therapy containing two FDA approved drugs called Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Mifepristone is a drug of the anti-progestin class which exerts its effects by inhibiting a hormone called progesterone which is a vital requirement for the sustenance of viability of fetal cells as it supplies oxygen and required nutrients to the fetal cells, the blockade of this hormone leads to the fetal cell death. Misoprostol excludes pregnancy by inducing strong and vigorous contraction in the uterus thereby excluding the fetal cells in the form of blood clots.

MTP Kit encloses 5 pills in its pack, 1 Mifepristone (200mg) and 4 Misoprostol pills (200mcg). Initiate the therapy by intake of Mifepristone pill orally and with water. After a wait of 48 hours, you should take all the Misoprostol pills either by inserting them vaginally or ingesting them orally. On the 14th day, you are required to get a test done to confirm the abortion.

Some side effects of this medication are stomach pain, back pain, diarrhea, giddiness, nausea, severe vaginal bleeding, exhaustion, and vomiting.

Notable precautionary measures!

  • Do not use this medication for the conclusion of Tubal or Ectopic pregnancy as that can cause disastrous outcomes.
  • To recover faster from the losses incurred, focus on a protein and iron rich diet and take required rest, also to stay away from infections, do not get involved in lovemaking

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