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Nerve pain is making life tough? Dissolve it with Lyrica

Nerve pain is the kind that scares people, the intensity of pain when mixed with other features like burning, numbness etc can lead to a condition that renders you immobile in a chronic state. Tina had Diabetes for past 7 years which had made way for Diabetic neuropathy and she had gradually also developed nerve compression at the Ulna so it now even covers her hand. Someone who was great at games and outdoor activity in her youth was now a captive of immeasurable pain and of course, she was scared, both her hand and legs were affected by the same pain emanating from different conditions. Her legs had the tendency of going numb at night, the other symptom she felt was burning especially of the soles if she stood for long or allowed her feet to go warm, the numbness at times was so fierce that she couldn’t even feel her legs existed. The condition of her legs deteriorated in the daytime. The condition of her hands was not very proper either it was a nerve-wrenching pain she felt in her hands that didn’t allow her to even move it. She took many painkillers that did not much respond to solve her condition and it only added to her dismay. She finally after skimming through doctors landed at the right product called Lyrica that has its expertise in the treatment of nerve pain.

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Lyrica is a powerful product used for the management of neuropathic pain which can be a result of various conditions like diabetes, spinal cord injury or shingles (herpes zoster infection). The drug is one of the most potent anticonvulsant medications, which also excels in the management of seizures and in alleviating the pain in people suffering from fibromyalgia. The drug contains Pregabalin as its generic.

Pregabalin helps in mitigation of nerve pain by coupling with a specific subunit of voltage-dependent calcium channels located all over the nervous system. By this action, the drug diminishes the outflow of a few neurotransmitters that play a major role in the propagation of pain signals across the nervous system.

Lyrica is a capsule preparation that should be taken orally with water.  For the neutralization of Diabetic peripheral nerve pain takes 50 mg Lyrica for three times within 24 hours. The dose can also be increased to 100 mg Lyrica, ingested for three times a day. For the management of nerve pain due to spinal cord injury, take 75 mg Lyrica two times a day. Taking into account the tolerability, the dose can further be enhanced to 150 mg taken in two divided doses. Buy Lyrica Medication online with fast delivery for the treatment of Nerve Pain.

Some of the side effects that may bring trouble to you are giddiness, dry mouth, and swelling, difficulty in concentrating, drowsiness, hazy vision and weight gain.

Precautions to be taken care of:

  • Stop overuse of alcohol together with Lyrica therapy as that may promote the adverse effects.
  • Avert riding a vehicle or doing any machinery task after ingesting Lyrica.
  • This drug is not meant to be used by anyone below the age of 18 years.
  • Nursing or pregnant women should not attempt to swallow Lyrica without consulting a physician.

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