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No Anesthesia, No Surgery and Less Painful abortion with RU486 Pill

The RU486 abortion medication is legitimate remedy to conclude pregnancy less than 9 weeks i.e. 63 days of the gestation. It gives a great alternate to surgical abortion to remove unplanned pregnancy.

Woman undergoing abortion with pills has no fear of incision or use of any sharp instrument. When you look for unswerving choice for ceasing unwanted pregnancy, RU486 pill is the preferential choice that is in demand around the world. Use RU486 pill Generic Mifepristone pill helps to grants passive and undisclosed abortion in a much protected manner.

RU486 pill online

Let’s learn the core working mechanism of RU486 abortion pill

Generic Mifepristone is the main dynamic moiety of RU486 pill. It is an anti-progesterone abortion pill. The medication is approved by the FDA and is sold online. It functions by inhibiting the action of progesterone hormone. This hormone is crucial to maintain and persist pregnancy. But, Mifepristone blocks its action by carrying out termination without pain. Mifepristone stops the supply of nutrition and oxygen to the fetus and finish your pregnancy. Buy cheap RU486 pill online for painless abortion at home.

The Doing Plan of RU486 Pill

Three tablet of Mifepristone Pill of each 200 mg is taken orally. The medication will induce periods that will cause a miscarriage. After two days it is necessary to undergo ultra sound test for the confirmation of abortion. However, if abortion is not complete, then, two tablets of Misoprostol each 200mcg is taken. This will help to expel out the remaining content from the uterus.

Is there any health risk associated RU486 pill?

It doesn’t produce any life threatening side effects, if taken in correct manner. Some nominal side effects of undergoing abortion are nausea, cramps, drowsiness, annoyance, nervousness, abdomen pain and may be swelling of the vagina. Consult your health care provider if you fear any development of infection.

Some Noteworthy Precautionary Measures to Be Followed

  1. If you have a known sensitive to the Mifepristone or Misoprostol then do not administer these medication.
  2. Remove intrauterine devices (IUD) as it may result into vaginal infection.
  3. Eat nutritive iron and vitamin rich diet after abortion for faster health recover.
  4. Avoid grapefruit juice / grape fruit while using Generic Mifepristone.
  5. Avoid physical activity while undergoing abortion as it may cause the risk of getting pregnant again or infection.
  6. If you have ectopic pregnancy i.e. pregnancy outside the uterine cavity then goes for some other abortion method.

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