Omit the possibility of new one by abortion with MTP Kit

Mother is a person who nurtures her child right from birth until the age of maturation comes up. The whole time she spends with her child. She has to look her baby all through such as feeding, changing diapers, making able to sleep. This task of a mother is difficult and managing it all is a challenging role to play. If she is a working person then she has to find time out for all this. Thus, more and more women today choose Planned Parenthood. They conceive when they need a child otherwise they use precautionary measure while intimacy.


We can put control over the birth rate but we cannot be always sure about it. Sometimes there are the chances of conceiving. At those times when women conceives unknowingly then she opts for shunning her pregnancy. This state of worry can be solved with MTP KIT. Soon you take it, early you will be relieved from unwanted pregnancy. Those pills prove effective in removing out your fetus.

This kit is known to comprise of five tablets in total. Mifepristone puts a barrier in the transfer of nutrition towards the fetus. It does so by stopping progesterone hormone functioning. Misoprostol puts dilation and contraction hence leads to removing out of fetus from womb. With those pills, you are able to get your pregnancy thwarted. These pills are to be taken only for pregnancy that comes below 9 weeks.

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Use single tablet Mifepristone (each with 200 mg). Use it with water orally. Have a break of two days, and on day three Use four tablets of Misoprostol (each 200 mcg). Use it with water orally or vaginally. Count the days from beginning of Mifepristone use and on 14th day examines yourself for your abortion.

Things that are to be totally contraindicated are as:

  • One should not use those pills when suffering with sensitive reactions.
  • One should not use those tablets when in ectopic gestation phase.
  • One should not use those tablets when below 18 years of age.
  • One should not use those tablets when using corticosteroids and anti-coagulants.
  • One should not use those tablets when having bleeding disorder or adrenal gland disorder or porphyria.

Things that are to be followed as safety point of view:

  • Put stop in your drinking up of alcohol and grapefruit juice.
  • Put a stop in activities that are hard.
  • Take out your IUD’s before having abortion step.
  • Overcome weakness by taking good diet and juices.

Some after effects that are known to happen with those pills are as nausea, heavy vaginal bleeding, belly pain, vomiting, vaginal cramps, fever, muscle pain, and back pain. Do store it at a place that is moisture free, heat free and away from light. Keep out of children reach.

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