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When you are already a mother then there are two sides. First, you know how it feels inside to see your own baby for the first time. You fall in love with the amazingness of your child to grow up and learn new things. You also understand the economical and emotional point of view, when a new one comes into this world.

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When Amy spoke to her husband about her pregnancy, he said we could be a family of four. We always have been pro-choice but after few days, we thought that it does not have any sense in bearing a child at that time. There could be an impact on a mental level, family, and almost on everybody. The mental load that comes with the arrival of a new one is huge. She has passed that phase three times. Although both of then made a choice of an abortion with an Abortion Pill.

Our state has bad laws. People are mostly anti-abortion and they do not understand the value of Planned Parenthood. They may shout at your judgment of an abortion and may call you a murderer. You need not to get panic about it. Have your own choice and in a private zone only. Those pills can be taken at home also.

Abortion Pills: RU-486, Cytotec, Mifegyne, Mifeprex, MTP Kit

Those pills induce an abortion among cases of below 7 or 9 weeks gestation. Progesterone hormone helps in transferring the nutrition towards the fetus for its growth and development. Those pills work by inducing the abortion by acting as inhibition of progesterone hormone. This inhibition occurs by Mifepristone. Misoprostol causes the dilation and contraction of uterus thus enabling fetus out from the womb.

Dosage pattern:

*Mifeprex, Mifegyne, RU-486 pill: Intake three tablets of Mifepristone with water orally. Keep duration of 2 days and if no signs of abortion then on the third-day Intake more Misoprostol four tablets with water orally or vaginally. Wait for two days and then confirm abortion step.

Strength of Mifepristone………200 mg

Strength of Misoprostol………..200 mcg

*Cytotec: Intake 12 tablets of Misoprostol in divided forms such as 4-4-4. There should be kept a gap of 4-5 hours in between the two dosages. After two days, do verify your abortion process.

Strength of Misoprostol………..200 mcg

*MTP Kit: Start using single tablet Mifepristone with each 200 mg. Take orally with water. Have two days break and then on third-day Intake four tablets of Misoprostol with each 200 mcg. Take it orally with water or vaginally. Have a break of 14 days and then on the 14th day, examine your abortion completion.

Strength of Mifepristone…………200 mg

Strength of Misoprostol…………..200 mcg

Contradictory features:

  • Do not abort if under 18 years.
  • Do not abort when ectopic pregnancy.
  • Do not abort when bleeding disorder or porphyria.
  • Do not abort when using corticosteroids or anti-coagulants.

Safety tips:

  • Ensure safe abortion by taking the proper dose.
  • Have lots of healthy diet and juice to recover.
  • Remove IUD’s if so inside.
  • Prevent work immediately after an abortion.

Common side issues that probably rise after using this medicine are as weakness, heavy vaginal flow, belly pain, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and drowsiness.

Where to avail an Abortion pill

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