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Plan-B: Best Pill For Contraception In Emergency

For emergency contraception, you look for a safe and successful method, which can effectively provide birth control effect. In this case you can use Plan-B. It has a sufficient capability to acts as an emergency contraceptive pill. There are some reasons, which force the female to use emergency contraception method. These include forceful intercourse, unprotected intercourse and contraception method issue like missing and failure of contraception method.

This medication is used always after the intercourse. The female can use this drug within 72 hours of intercourse but if the female used this medication just after intercourse or within 24 hours of intercourse, then it increases the efficacy of this medication. There are various methods of emergency contraception like use of medications and use of devices like Copper-T IUD.

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Recent studies on emergency contraception and its method show that it is most effective emergency contraceptive medication. It contains Levonorgestrel as its core drug. It is a synthetic derivative compound, which is derived from progestin. It has a potential to suppress the secretion of gonadotropin releasing hormone. It results in the inhibition of the process of ovulation or it declines the release of egg from the ovary. It has a problem creating tendency in the way of sperm to reach an egg or uterus. It can interrupt the fertilization process. These are various activities of this medication, which makes this medication as birth control medication in emergency situations. Therefore Plan-B is an emergency contraceptive pill.

Plan-B is most widely used contraceptive pill in urgent situations by females but there are a number of females, who cannot take this drug due to safety and efficacy reasons. These include the females, who are still less than 17 years of age or the females, who are sensitive to Levonorgestrel or any other ingredient of this drug, should avoid this medication. The females, who are already pregnant, should not use this medication.

Plan-B is also termed as morning after pill. This is formulated in the form of oral tablets, which should be consumed within 72 hours of unprotected or suspected intercourse. But studies show that this medication is more effective, while you will use this medication as soon as possible after intercourse or within 24 hours of the intercourse. The female should take this drug as follow

  • The female should consume one tablet of this medication after unprotected or suspected intercourse orally.
  • After exact 12 hours from the first tablet, she should take a second or another tablet of this drug. The female should take this medication at specified time, as it is most important thing the consumption of this medication.
  • If the female, vomit out in 1 or 2 hours after consuming any tablet of this medication, then she contact with her doctor immediately, as it may require one more dose of this medication.

The use of morning after pill may produce some common side effects in the body of females such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, breast tenderness, abdominal upset and headache.

The female should keep some informative points in her mind, while using this medication, which can increase its safety in the body; such as the female should consume this medication after intercourse and on its specific timing. The female should take extreme care, while using this drug in case of liver or kidney disorders.

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