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Plan B: Best Pill For Emergency Contraception

Plan B Pill is a best medication, which is used as contraceptive pill in certain emergency conditions. There are certain urgent situations in which a female requires emergency contraception like forceful or unprotected intercourse and failure of contraception methods or missing of contraception method. The female, who are using certain contraception method, may get pregnant by some miss-happening. In these situations she requires an effective method of birth control, which can be done by using Plan-B tablet.

Plan B Pill is a medication, which is used after the intercourse. It should be used within 72 hours after an intercourse. This medication also provides best effects, if you used it within 24 hours after an unprotected intercourse. Contraception can be done by various methods like using contraceptive pill or physical barriers. But these all methods are effective, when you are using these methods regularly in a correct way. These methods are not effective in case of urgent situations. In any emergency or urgent situations, you can use Plan B Pill. Plan B is Best Birth Control pill.

Plan B Pill is an oral pill, which is composed of Levonorgestrel as its active element. It is a synthetic derivative compound, which can binds with the receptors of estrogen and progesterone. It decreases the release of gonadotropin releasing hormone and prevents the process of ovulation or release of egg from an ovary. It can alter the uterine lining and cervical mucus, which makes the path of sperm difficult to reach the uterus. It also interfere the process of fertilization. The attachment of fetus or egg to the uterus is also prevented by this medication. By all these activities Plan-B is the best medication, which can acts as emergency contraceptive pill.

Plan B (Morning After Pill)

Plan B Pill acts as emergency contraceptive pill. It can be used by females easily with water. But there are certain females, who should not use this medication; such as females, who are less than 17 years of age or who are already pregnant, should avoid this medication. The female should take this medication as soon as possible after the intercourse or within 72 hours of intercourse. The female should take this drug as follow-

  • The female should consume one tablet of this medication orally just after the intercourse or within 72 hours of sensual activity.
  • After exact 12 hours, the female should consume a second tablet of this medication orally.
  • If the female vomit out within one hour after taking any tablet of this medication, then she should contact with her doctor. It may require the consumption of one more dose of this drug.

The use of Plan B pill can produce some side effects in the females like bleeding, nausea, dizziness, breast pain, tired feeling, stomach pain and alteration in menstrual cycle.

The females should keep some safety points in her mind before using this medication; such as this drug should not be consumed as regular birth control pill. In case of breastfeeding, you should take this drug with much care. This drug should be used on its timing as recommended.

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