Pull yourself out of the plight of unintended pregnancy with MTP Kit

What to do? Where to go? Can she trust anyone? Jenny was full of questions; she was horrified, her heart beating fast, body covered in sweat when she looked at the stick confirming her abortion, twice. She was convinced by one, she clearly remembered her boyfriend putting on the condom, she just couldn’t believe it so she got another stick and that too told the same story. The day was bright and the sky clear, it was the kind of the day you out and enjoy yet here she was crying her eyes out in her washroom, afraid that someone might her crying. When she regained composure she called her boyfriend, he got dumbstruck for a moment, words couldn’t leave his mouth as he tried to calm her down. They both felt uncomfortable numbness, the guy loved her and she loved him too but they weren’t ready for marriage as yet let alone for a child. The guy though got his calm back and met Jenny; he got her chocolates and tried to soothe her first. After much contemplation they came to this conclusion that they were in no way ready to bear a child, they weren’t ready for it is it mentally, emotionally or commercially.

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MTP Kit is a product women hugely prefer to get an abortion done of their early unintended pregnancy. The rationale behind the massive preference this product enjoys can be attributed to the safe, effective, successful, convenient and lesser painful method this product provides. MTP Kit is a combination of two FDA approved drugs called Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Mifepristone is an anti-progestin category drug which performs its functions by inhibiting the functioning of Progesterone which is responsible for nourishing the fetal cells and providing oxygen, the blockade leads to fetal cell death.

Misoprostol can be therapeutically categorized as prostaglandin analog class medication. The drug imparts beneficial response by initiating strong contraction in the myometrial lining of the uterine wall, it also dilates and relaxes the cervix and makes it ripen. The resultant of this is the exclusion of fetal cells in the form of clots.

MTP Kit comes in a pack of five pills in which one is Mifepristone (200 mg) and the rest are Misoprostol pills containing 200 mcg. Initiate the therapy by ingesting the Mifepristone pill orally with a large amount of water. After waiting for two days that is on the third day of the therapy take all the Misoprostol pills either by ingesting orally or by inserting vaginally. You are required to get the abortion confirmed by getting an ultrasound done on the 14th day of the therapy.

A few notable side effects of this therapy are back pain, diarrhea, stomach cramp, nausea, exhaustion, giddiness, severe vaginal bleeding, and vomiting.


  • Do not take MTP Kit for termination of ectopic pregnancy.
  • Take high iron and protein diet, this will help you recover faster, also take required
  • Don’t make love till you are completely recovered as there is a risk of catching infections.

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