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Rather than grieving under pregnancy outside of wedlock, use Abortion pills

Unplanned pregnancies, particularly those occur outside wedlock, have contributed a high level of stress on the women’s life. Today, many of the efforts are made to prevent unintended births outside wedlock, but still, majority of young women get unintentionally pregnant outside their wedlock. The unintended births are most common among low-income and low education young women. Unintended childbearing can have serious complications on the physical and emotional health of the women and their child. Health complications associated with unintended childbearing include higher risks for illness and death for both mother and child. In addition, such childbearing is associated with various social troubles like divorce, poverty, child abuse, and juvenile delinquency. The unwanted children are less likely to get proper parental care and have a secure family life. Therefore, access to abortion continues to play a foremost role in the prevention of unplanned pregnancies outside wedlock. The use of medical Abortion pills is the best way for any woman to overcome an unplanned pregnancy.

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Abortion pills are the safest and highly reliable medical way of abortion to exterminate an early pregnancy of 7 to 9 weeks of gestation. The utilization of Abortion pills can grant a secure abortion to a woman who is willing to access an abortion by herself in a private way. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two chief active moieties of Abortion pills.

  • RU486, Korlym, Mifeprex, and Mifegyne are the highly reliable and safest brands of Mifepristone and these are used to conclude an early pregnancy of less than 7 weeks.
  • Cytotec is a renowned brand of Misoprostol that is used to end an early pregnancy of less than 7 weeks
  • MTP Kit contains both generic drugs called Mifepristone and Misoprostol and it is used to conclude an early pregnancy of less than 9 weeks.

Mifepristone (an anti-progestin) acts in a wonderful way to obstruct the working of progesterone hormone that blocks the growth of a fetus and causes it to expire. The lessening of body’s progesterone level leads to the peeling of uterine wall that results in the exclusion of a fetus from the uterine wall. Mifepristone also acts on the cervix wall and causes it to relax and dilate for easy elimination of a fetus. Misoprostol (a prostaglandin analog) causes the forceful constriction of the endometrial wall that result in the ejection of a fetus out of the mother’s womb.

A solo pack RU486, Korlym, Mifeprex, or Mifegyne comprises of 3 Mifepristone pills (200mg). At the start, a woman needs to consume 3 Mifepristone pills orally regardless of food, with sufficient amount of water. On the 3rd day of abortion, she should affirm her abortion by going through a clinical visit.

A solo pack of Cytotec comprises of 12 Misoprostol pills (each 200mcg). Take 4 Misoprostol pills as a single dose via the oral or vaginal route at a regular interval of 3 to 4 hours. For complete annihilation pregnancy, take 12 tablets of Misoprostol. On the 3rd day of abortion, one should affirm her abortion by going through a clinical visit. You can buy Cytotec 200 mcg Misoprostol pill online now!

A solo pack of MTP Kit pack comprises of 1 Mifepristone pill (200mg) and 4 Misoprostol pills (each 200mcg). At first, consume one Mifepristone pill orally regardless of food with sufficient amount of water. On the 3rd day, follow with the administration of 4 Misoprostol pills either orally or vaginally. On the 14th day, follow with a clinical visit to confirm an abortion.

A woman may face some common annoying effects while carrying out an abortion with Abortion pills such as headache, inexact vision, upset stomach, heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, giddiness, sleepiness, overtiredness, and weakness.

Things to be kept in mind while using Abortion pills:

Circumvent the ingestion of alcohol, grapefruits or its juices while carrying out an abortion with Abortion pills. Remove an intrauterine device from the uterus prior to the execution of an abortion with Abortion pills. Never exterminate an ectopic or tubal pregnancy or pregnancy of more than 9 weeks of gestation by utilizing Abortion pills. Avoid getting intimate with your male partner for few weeks after an abortion to evade the risk of getting infections.

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