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RU486 is a safe choice for women struggling to serious medical issues

Protecting women health is a big social issue which we often neglect under the hullabaloo of abortion choice. Our society is somewhere biased when the things come to the health of the pregnant women. Though for every couple their “developing baby” is a premier choice but there are some unavoidable instances and health issues in which abortion need to be done.

ru486 pill for abortion

A woman is an independent living being having the potential to create a new life. So, over some fetal cells, her health concern should be given the topmost priority. Women suffering from threatening diseases like Diabetes, thyroid, sickle-cell anemia, jaundice, heart-kidney disorders, hypertension and other health complications else there is a risk to miscarriage or other breathtaking disease or case may result in the poor health of the developing new life inside you.

So, abortion in such conditions is the best choice that a woman can attempt under doctor advice prior she crosses the safety limit of 9 weeks. As under such crucial cases, women life is under threat! Availability of legal abortion is a great help to the procurement of the women health and life. The choice of medical abortion limits the dangerous childbirth. The most trusted, prescribed and sold medication under the therapeutic category of Abortion pill kit is RU486.

The active ingredient enclosed in the brand RU486 is Mifepristone and the number of pills available in this packing is total three. Each pill in the packing is of strength 200mg. A woman should undergo an ultrasound prior she decides to take the abortion pills to confirm that pregnancy she is having in her uterus is not eth ectopic one. On confirmation of ectopic pregnancy, women can take all 3 pills of Mifepristone 200mg orally with water on an empty stomach to elude out pregnancy in menstrual bleeding.

Mifepristone is a potent inhibitor of the female pregnancy hormone Progesterone. The pill through the route of blood streams acts to inhibit the synthesis and release of hormone Progesterone whose presence in the body is vital for the procurement, development, and nourishment of the pregnancy. This medicine facilitates the uterine lining degradation. Therefore, diminishes any possibility of the pregnancy.

Adverse effects one can see on using RU486 abortion pills are severe abdominal cramps, heavy menstrual flow, back pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, cold, fever, chills and shivering in the body.

As cautionary guidelines, the women who have undergone an abortion should avoid the intimacy with a partner and must restrict her from doing any strenuous work that can induce a heavy vaginal bleeding in her. Abusive substances like alcohol, psychedelic drugs and cigarette smoking to be avoided by the women. Grapefruit juices, rich caffeine drinks, and deep oil fried foods may delay the medicine effect, therefore, one should avoid such eatables.

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