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An abortion is the name of the procedure that ceases the development of pregnancy in the women before the embryo cells turn to a fully developed fetus who can survive on its own outside the womb. The two methods via an abortion can be performed over eth body of women are Medical and Surgical Abortion.

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Medical Abortion: As the name suggests is done by using medicines without undergoing any surgical way. The medicines can be taken by the person for the removal of unwanted pregnancy falls under the umbrella term called Abortion pills. This method is usually performed in women who haven’t crossed the gestation age of 9 weeks (63 days) from the start of pregnancy. This method is considered as the safest approach for an effective Planned Parenthood& family planning.

Surgical Abortion: This is probably the most talked, discussed and familiar method for undergoing an abortion. This method is invasive and incredibly effective for ceasing the unwanted pregnancy in women. This method can be performed on the pregnant women in no later than 16 weeks from the date of conception under the assistance of trained and licensed medical practitioner only in Govt. recognized hospital after the women submits all the required documents and consent approval forms to the hospital but can be performed only in special and specific cases.

Here, we would know the medical method of abortion in detail and the most sold pill under this heading is RU486. The active ingredient in the brand is FDA recognized Mifepristone. Taking this abortion pill blocks the vital supply of hormone progesterone to the women body. The deficit of this specific pregnancy hormone in the body of women degrades the lining of uterine to which fetal cells attach to the attainment of nutrition thus breaking the lining makes it almost impossible for a woman to continue the pregnancy.

On day first over an empty stomach, you should take all 3 pills of Mifepristone consisting RU486 with a glass full of water without breaking the pill. An ultrasound is compulsorily needed to be done after 2 days so that it becomes clear that the uterus is completely empty of the debris. If reports show some debris then you have to put 2 pills of Misoprostol deep inside your vaginal cavity or if found uncomfortable then the pills sublingually. Followed by abortion pills you have to take some antibiotics to prevent the development of an infection inside the woman body.

Some side effects associated with the intake of RU486 pills are abdominal cramps, heavy menstruation, discomfort in the intimate region, throbbing headache, stiff back and pain, exhaustion and shivering in muscles.

Some safety tips a woman must take when is taking RU486 abortion pills:

  • Avoid drinks like alcohol, coffee, and grapefruit juice
  • Do not take heavy and oil fried foods
  • Do not get in strenuous activity and intimacy
  • Do not forget to remove IUD from your vaginal cavity before you put Misoprostol pills in vagina

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