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Swipe the unwanted conception away by use of Cytotec pills

Abortion is an important way to drain out the unwanted pregnancy from the women body (uterus) especially when she is not ready to continue with it. Pregnancy forced on women by the spouse for the false sake of his manliness under the influence of family and relatives without asking the women her choice or agreement for the pregnancy or family planning is termed as forced pregnancy.

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Pregnancy came to women womb as an unintentional move like in absence of contraception or protection or by mistakenly/accidentally due to falling of a drop of ejaculation whilst removing the organ after copulation also has strong abilities to make the women unintentionally pregnant. Some women thought that doing intercourse in menstruation time will never lead to pregnancy but lack of knowledge they get unwantedly pregnant as they forget that a woman body has two ovaries and both produces and releases an egg every month serially. Thus, when one egg is ruptured it might be possible that another egg has released in the women with which a sperm get fuse-fertilize and implant to uterine lining tuning the case of unwanted pregnancy.

Though there are many measures to protect the conception which are Oral contraceptive pills, hormonal implants, IUD, vaginal pouch, male-female condoms and others once the women get pregnant she has the only option available if she doesn’t want to get pregnant and this Abortion. This medical procedure is of further two types Surgical and Medical.

Medical method of abortion is the most accepted method to drain the unwanted pregnancy out the women womb. The most sold brand under the abortion category medicines is Cytotec.

Cytotec is the brand that has generic ingredient Misoprostol and the packing of this brand has in total 12 pills that woman has to take in a set of 4 pills for three times giving the lapse of 3 hours to next dosing. These pills are usually taken by the women through the vaginal route but those find the manner difficult can take these pills through sub-lingual route. Wait for 2 days and visit the clinic for an ultrasound to confirm that uterus is clear of unwanted.

Misoprostol 200mcg present in brand Cytotec initiates vigorous contractile motions in the uterine wall that induce easy evacuation of the unwanted pregnancy from the women womb by dilating the opening of the cervix.

Some adverse after-effects of using Misoprostol medications includes strong abdomen pain, heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea, body ache, exhaustion, pain and shivering in legs, sometimes fever as well. Some cautions women need to take when they are on abortion-inducing Cytotec medication are:

  • Dodge the use of alcohol and coffee in excess
  • Don’t get involved physically with someone
  • Don’t forget to take out IUD from the vagina prior you put pills inside the cavity

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