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Undergo the safest abortion before 7 weeks pregnant with Mifeprex

Abortion is an intentionally done process for concluding the gestation before its survival. Every female dream of becoming a mother and enjoy her maternity, but because of some undesired conditions she is not able to do so and has to take a terrifying conclusion for eliminating the fetus. A number of abortions cases are because of the reason of having unprotected sensual intercourse with your partner. Unintentional pregnancy makes the woman feel trapped and isolated. The reasons behind the abortion could be many; a few of them include financial condition, loss of education, career issues, unhealthy relationship, health problems or accidental pregnancy. Most of the women prefer medication abortion over surgical abortion. Abortion with the help of medicines gives several advantageous points such as it could be carried out at lesser cost, painless method, reliable and carries at home method. The woman could go with a safe and effective method of medical abortion with the help of Mifeprex medicine.

mifeprex abortion pill

Mifeprex comprises of an FDA-approved medical moiety known as Mifepristone. Mifeprex is proving to be wonderful aborticides that will help the woman to terminate her unwished pregnancy in a very confidential way. Mifeprex belongs to the class of abortion pills which carries out an unintended pregnancy of 7 weeks that is below 49 days from the day one of the last menstrual cycles.

Mifepristone works onto the nutritional supply and hinders its pathway towards the fetus by blocking the functioning of progesterone hormone. This action causes hurdles to the growth and development of the embryo.

The composition of each Mifeprex consists of Mifepristone with dosing strength 200 mg. The engulfment of three pills of Mifeprex is prescribed to carry out the termination of the gestation before completion of its 7 weeks. After completing 48 hours, the woman needs to get an ultrasound done in the nearby clinic. If unluckily, the pregnancy still exists after the use of Mifeprex medicine, the woman should consume two pills containing Misoprostol orally or vaginally. Again at a gap of 48 hours, she needs to consult a doctor for her success in abortion.

Precautionary tips for Mifeprex use:

  • Mifeprex medication should not be used for the ectopic pregnancy.
  • Mifeprex medicine should not be used when you are going through your lactation period.
  • Mifeprex medicine is not acceptable in the girls below the age of 18 years.
  • Mifeprex should not be consumed for terminating pregnancy above 7 weeks.
  • Do not take any alcoholic drink or smoking agent during the medication period as this may lead to the decreased absorption of the medicine.
  • Do keep the level of nutrition maintained after the use of Mifeprex medicine.

Side effects:

A woman using Mifeprex medicine may undergo some severe side issues including dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, tiredness, blurring of vision, muscle cramps, stomach discomfort, loss of libido, irregular menstrual period.

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