For Urgent Abortion Need Choose Mifeprex

Choice of aborting an unplanned pregnancy is never easy. A woman has to think a numerous times before taking this step since abortion in itself is an irreversible procedure. Hence, once you are clear that you do not wish to carry on with the pregnancy then only you abort the pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy mostly occurs due to accidents. There are plethoras of teenage pregnancy cases in news where mostly due to unawareness the pregnancy happen. So if you are looking for a method towards your unwanted pregnancy you can opt to choose Mifeprex abortion pills. Pills for abortion are medically safe and well utilized worldwide to induce the abortion. It offers complications less and risk free abortion as woman can even use them in the comfort of your home to induce abortion.

mifeprex abortion pill

Why woman prefer Mifeprex abortion pill?

It is the #1 method of choice over the surgical abortion procedure as it is comparatively less painful.Mifeprex offers a great alternative to surgical abortion. This is because after abortion health of woman is extremely essential. The medications do not produce any obnoxious effect when the whole procedure is over. The Mifeprex pill works best to terminate 7-9 weeks of gestations.

The Working Mechanism of Mifeprex to induce abortion –

The Mifeprex contains Mifepristone as the main dynamic ingredient. It is anti-progesterone hormone pill that cuts down the nutrition supply of the foetus. When a woman takes Mifepristone the oxygen and nutrition supply of the foetus stops leading to the induction of menstrual cycle. This helps in the expulsion of the foetus. After taking Mifeprex, it is recommended to go for ultrasound test for the conformation of abortion. In case the abortion is incomplete another pill of Misoprostol is taken. The Misoprostol is prostaglandin analogue which induces contractions for the expulsion of the foetus. It helps in the complete termination of the pregnancy.

The Ideal Dosage and Mode of Administration of the Mifeprex–

  1. On the first day, you have to take 3 tablets of Mifeprex each 600 mg to start the abortion process.
  2. On the third day of the abortion, 2 pills of Misoprostol are taken each of dosing strengths 400 mcg.
  3. After14, you must visit your nearest doctor for follow up examination. The ultrasound test is done to confirm about the complete termination of pregnancy.

Is there any health risk associated the Mifeprex pill?

Once you consume Mifeprex it is common to face some side effects such as cramps and heavy menstrual flow. These are obvious side effects associated with the abortion pills. Some less common side effects are nausea, constipation, stomach ache, body ache, vaginal inflammation etc. Take help of your health care provider in case these side effects become too much bothersome.

Some Essential Precautionary measure to be followed is as under – 

    1. The use of alcohol should be limited as it may cause serious obnoxious effect.
    2. If you have pregnancy outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy) or gestation more than 63 days then abortion pills are not suggested for you.
    3. The medications are not safe for the use by nursing mothers.
    4. Avoid grape fruit and its juice while under abortion with pills.

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