Use MTP kit to banish unintended pregnancy

Is abortion right alternative for you?

Conceiving unintentionally is quite normal. Many women take the decision of an abortion. It is you, who can decide what is better for you. Right information and support can help you in deciding according to your health and well-being.

Why people choose an abortion step and what is the right medication for an abortion step?

When you are thinking about unplanned gestation, you are not quite alone. Millions of pregnancies are undesired. Some who have planned pregnancies also decide for an abortion due to health reasons. This decision is personal and it is you who will decide who can make it possible.

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Deciding to take this step does not mean that you no longer love your children. People think carefully regarding the things such as safety, life goals, health, schoolwork, family, and personnel belief before choosing an abortion method.

Some question that you consider before opting for an abortion:

Are you ready for this pregnancy?

How would being a parent affect your career?

What will impact on your future if you have a child right now?

When you get the reasons for yourself and the conclusion is a BIG “NO” to your pregnancy then you must choose MTP KIT as an alternative. This medication will keep you free from the onus of gestation of less than 9 weeks.

MTP KIT: Mifepristone and Misoprostol two active of this kit

This Kit has a total number of five tablets. One Mifepristone and four Misoprostol pills. This combination is effective for ceasing your gestation that is below 9 weeks. Progesterone hormone is produced by adrenal gland and ovaries and so helps in balancing the nutrition supply to the fetus. Therefore, it helps in growth and nourishment of your fetus. Mifepristone brings stop in this supply and hence diminishes fetus from its nutrition and results in death. Misoprostol causes dilation and contraction of the uterus causing expulsion of a fetus from the womb.

To begin using those tablets one should start up with single pill Mifepristone each having 200 mg strength. Keeping a gap of two days and then on the third day, one should start up four pills Misoprostol each having 200-mcg strength. Keeping a gap of 14 days and on the 14th day, have confirmation of your abortion step.

Things that have to be contraindicated and some safety tips are as below:

  • Women should never use those pills when feeling highly sensitive to pills.
  • Women should never use those pills when using anti-coagulants and corticosteroids.
  • Women should never use those pills when having porphyria, bleeding ailment, and adrenal failure.
  • Women should never use those pills when falling under the age of 18 years.
  • Women should never use those pills when under ectopic gestation.
  • Women should remove IUD’s before going for an abortion step.
  • Drink a lot of juices and take good diet to boost up health.
  • Dizziness may happen so avoid hard work immediately after an abortion.

Commonly found bad symptoms of an abortion step are like nausea, vaginal bleeding, vaginal cramps, vomiting, belly pain, stomach cramps, and weakness.

Which is the right place to order MTP KIT from?

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