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Women is not a fetus container she do owe life & right for Abortion

Not only in the US but in many states of world Abortion is a controversial topic and had the audience divided into two sides on the basis of the difference in ideology. One group is of those people that support Abortion and wants Abortion to be legal in all states of US, they like to call them up by the name” PROCHOICE” and had a tagline-” My Body My Choice”. The other one is the “PRO-LIFE” group and they strictly stand against the choice of Abortion and compare this medical process as the brutal act of killing a life.

Instead of getting in abortion debates let’s understand the causes that drive women to stand on streets for alleging support from society for undergoing an Abortion.

Abortion is a moral right and is important for following reasons;

  • It builds gender equality
  • It gives a chance to those women who are in initial of their career to accomplish their goals
  • It provides women an opportunity to balance out the family and office hustle bustle until she gets potential to manage both in parallel
  • Banning abortion in women means giving men a supremely wrong right to attempt forceful incest and molest women leaving her pregnant as the revenge of his negative emotions he had for her
  • Under certain health conditions, its become almost impossible for women to bear the weight of child or develop child inside her body like issues of any auto-immune disorder and diseases like Diabetes or others
  • Abstinence of women abortion right can hike up the incidences of Domestic violence and Prejudice over women and she merely is left just a body with a container to develop fetus and giving births…

Abortion kit

Treating women in an evil manner is OKAY for our society but fighting for just clump of cells that have not turn to human is a pride…IT’S NOT AT ALL OKAY! A woman is an owner of her body like a man does and therefore just like the man she needs no referral, guidance, rights, sympathy, and empathy to decide when she had to abort and when she has to for giving birth.

In this the only thing that supports women is MTP KIT, the combinational pack of 2 USFDA approved active chemicals MIFEPRISTONE (1 pill, 200mg, take orally with water but without food, in morning) and MISOPROSTOL (4 pills, 200mcg, take sublingually/put in vagina after 2 days of taking Mifepristone, any time +/- food). Visiting physician clinic after 14 days lapse to the beginning of dose gives the knowledge to women about the complete removal of fetal debris out of her uterus. MTP kit gives women the right to abort her unwanted pregnancy prior she completes her 9 weeks of gestation. Buy MTP abortion KIT online on discounted price and avail the medicines at your door via speedy post.

Mifepristone shows an anti-progesterone effect over the women body thus inhibiting of pregnancy vital hormone shatters the development of fetal growth and due to same reason lining of the uterus on which fetus attaches begins to sheds down and removed in vaginal bleeding. Misoprostol on other breaks the connection between fetus and mother by inducing forceful contractile movements.

MTP kit can adversely affect women and might produce some ill effects in her like a pain in the abdominal region, back, legs and head. Exhaustion in the body, lack of sleep, chills, and fever with shivering in muscles.

As a cautionary tip women need to avoid intimacy, strenuous workout and must not forget to take out IUD from her vagina prior she places pills in the vagina for flushing dead fetal contents out. Take healthy foods, fruit juice, and rest after taking medicines of the Kit.

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