Your Innerself Says, “Give Up” But Hope Says Try HCG for Fertility

It is shocking for a woman when she comes to know about her infertility issue. Infertility seems to be a condition that keeps a woman debarred from a new young life. Motherhood is a blessing when you are a mother but when you are not a mother, you are devastated. It is better to wait around then to give-up on something. Women want to have somebody of her own reflection in her life. She needs someone whom she will love and take care of. It is hard for an infertile woman to bear the truth that she can no longer have children. After trying if you cannot conceive then do not think you can no longer become a mother. Get ready to have children with a remedial measure and that is HUCOG HCG. This medicine is improved for increasing fertility and you will soon become a mother. Your dream, hope, and desire to enjoy motherhood bliss will be fulfilled. One can pass through the phase of motherhood. HCG HUCOG 5000 IU is the best-known medicine to improve your fertility. Many cases of infertility have been resolved with this injection.

hucog hcg injection

HCG-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

This hormone helps in the normal development of an egg inside your ovary. When a woman is suffering from a condition known as infertility, she should get it corrected as soon she discovers it by using HCG. An infertile woman cannot conceive easily. After trying a lot, if a woman does not get pregnant, she should seek doctor’s help. If the problem is due to lack of ovulation, this can be regulated with HCG. This medicine is known to induce fertility by stimulating an ovulation process. In men, it is useful to accelerate the sperm count level. It is mostly used among boys in whom testicles have not yet dropped inside the scrotum.

For ovulation induction, there is a need to inject 5000-10000 I.U through an intramuscular route, one day followed with last day of menotropins.

Contradictory points one has to follow-up:

  • Do not inject in hormone-related
  • Do not inject in case of early puberty.
  • Do not inject when you are highly allergic to this medicine.
  • Do not inject while pregnancy.

Safety precautionary features that have to be followed always:

  • Only inject when you have an idea about an injection.
  • Break injection after each usage.
  • Do not use for longer than recommended by your doctor.
  • Check the expiry before usage.

Some commonly arising side issues with this injection are as restless feeling, irritable, mild swelling, water weight gain, depression, breast tenderness, headache, pain, irritation, and swelling at the site of an injection. This injectable needs to be stored at a cool place away from moisture, light, and heat. Do never refrigerate this injectable.

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